Zuhair Murad: His world full of style and poetry in a book

A luxurious volume dedicated to the work of Lebanese fashion designer Zuhair Murad is published by Assouline Publishing House. Ilioupoli in Balbek wearing glittering creations by Murad. “A show of dedication, talent and skills that fills my studio,” says the fashion designer in the book. most important artists of the Middle East, such as the Lebanese singer Nazua Karam and the Egyptian singer and actor Yousra. often by a “woman with an hourglass silhouette” who praises the “female divine figure”. writing: “My heart is broken. I can not stop crying. The next day he received the first copy of the book and considered it a positive sign that no matter what happens, beauty and talent will never fade away. According to Babet Dion, the book invites them readers in the world of Murad, who is “full of grace and poetry”. He explores the creativity, craftsmanship and inspiration behind his seductive dresses.

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