Xenogiannakopoulou: “Dramatic increase in unemployment – Vroutsis is celebrating”

The Head of Labor and Social Affairs of K.O. of SYRIZA Progressive Alliance, Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou, carries out with her announcement a strong criticism, against the Minister of Labor G. Vroutsis, regarding the data of P / S “ERGANI” October and the Labor Force Survey of 2020 ELSTAPI Augoule question why the Minister of Labor is celebrating in relation to the data announced by P / S “ERGANI”. Is it because in October 2020 there is a decrease in paid employment in the private sector by 33,356 jobs? Is it because of the 120,820 fewer jobs created this year? Is it because the total balance of January-October 2020, not only is 26% worse than the balance of January-October 2019, but is also the worst balance of recent years? There are no celebrations regarding the August data published by ELTA, Unemployment rates are also not celebrating at a time when employment has fallen by 2.5% (99,346 people) compared to August 2019. In addition, the Minister of Labor should probably be concerned and concerned about the increase in the “hidden unemployment “by 91,369 people. The economically inactive population, which has increased by 2.9% compared to August 2019, is not even statistically included in the concept of unemployment. Moreover, the data recently published by OAED for September this year unfortunately reflect the dramatic increase in unemployment , as the total number of registered unemployed amounts to 1,030,411 in relation to 913,282 in September 2019, an increase of 12.83%, of which 64.14% are women. ND feeds the recessionIn this gloomy social reality, the ND government with its policy continues to feed the recession, unemployment, market locks and poverty. “Not only does it ideologically refuse to take the necessary measures to support the real economy, workers and the socially vulnerable, but in the midst of an outbreak of pandemic, lockdown and social insecurity, it launches further attacks on labor relations, wages and workers’ rights.” Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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