With the game Porto – Olympiacos

Porto decided to open its stadium for the big game with Olympiakos for the group stage of the Champions League. The Portuguese, in an official announcement, confirmed that Dragao will open its doors to welcome about 3750 fans of Sergio Conceiçοo’s team. A percentage that is equal to 7.5% of the total capacity of the stadium. This means that Olympiacos will have an extra obstacle in the “battle” with the “Dragons”, after they informed UEFA about the presence of people on Tuesday night (22:00 ) in the big match with the team of Pedro Martins, while the tickets were made available to the world. The European federation does not allow a larger number than this one due to the spread of the coronavirus, while the Portuguese government has given the “OK” for in the presence of fans that will not exceed 7.5% of the stadiums. In its announcement, Porto informs its people about the availability of tickets and the way they will circulate, while they also mention the health protocol that should be followed in the match. with the team of Pedro Martins. The Portuguese team emphasizes that the members of the club have priority for a ticket, while the prices for a “magic paper” will range between 25-90 euros. Porto also clarifies that the sale and use of tickets by third parties is prohibited and that those who buy a ticket are obliged to complete an epidemiological investigation, which was imposed by UEFA and which was handed over to the fan at the time of the ticket purchase. Dragao has a capacity of 50,033 fans and was no longer crowded after March and the outbreak of the pandemic, while it is stressed that this movement and the presence of people is under test. Finally in their announcement the Dragons state that it is time for “responsibility” for them fans and must have exemplary behavior in order to make the gradual return of people to sports venues from Tuesday and to follow faithfully what the health protocol says. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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