Why does he insist on “bringing Mitsotakis to Parliament”?

On Friday, November 6, 2020, a very important process is scheduled in Parliament. The current Question of the Chairman of the SYRIZA Parliamentary Group – Progressive Alliance Alexis Tsipras, to Kyriakos Mitsotakis on the topic: “The government, without a plan to strengthen urban transport, lets the citizens “Mass Transportation (MMM) in the middle of the second wave of the pandemic.” As is well known, the proposal went unheeded. It really raises the question of how they decided in Koumoundourou to now submit this topical question to Mr. Mitsotakis. It is difficult to deny that the situation in the MMM is problematic. However, it is difficult to distinguish the expediency of Mr. Tsipras’s question, as well as the reproach against Staikouras. What can he hide? Is it that the government’s oligarchy in the MMM is responsible for the spread of the virus? Unfortunately for Mr. Tsipras, fortunately for some others, the data do not show or at least do not prove such a thing. And if the leader of SYRIZA tries to claim this and set up another, full-fledged discussion (as if the his previous ones went well…), what will he have to say about Thessaloniki, where he was thrown on Wednesday for… autopsy), about Serres and the other areas? Probably nothing, but one can predict with significant chances of success that the president of SYRIZA will invoke the call of Mr. Tsiodras to avoid overcrowding in the MMM. Something that in terms of basic logic, everyone understands why it is said, except SYRIZA. The more the official and the minority opposition try to raise dust on the occasion of the pandemic, the more its political poverty will be revealed. Whatever mistakes Mitsotakis makes, the incoherent response of Tsipras and his executives will prove to be insufficient and inferior to the circumstances. The essence and cause of the pandemic outbreak is obvious and has nothing to do only with Greece. Greece, however, and especially the extremely burdened areas of this period, were the epicenters of the unrest. Parties, gatherings, “farewell parties” before the ban and a host of other manifestations of mass nonsense, revealed a lot. It has once again been shown that the relationship of many citizens with what is called social and individual responsibility and various others, which are rather futile to repeat, is extremely loose. Would an opposition dare to raise the issue in this dimension? In the case of SYRIZA, definitely not. The citizens are not to blame for anything, of course and everything is due to the MMM, which the government has not regulated as it should έκ The outcome of Friday’s debate is hopelessly predictable. The strange thing is that Mr. Tsipras does not feel it. He insists “to bring Mitsotakis to Parliament”. Only he knows why, after each time. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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