When Dimis of the Stables meets Marilou of the Cake

When the multi-instrumental artist Angelos Papadimitriou played Dimis Tsimiski-Hoffman in the series The Stables of Erieta Zaimi by Alexandros Rigas and Dimitris Apostolos, our young readers were not even born. Today’s 20-somethings, for example, learned about the achievements of the eccentric aristocrat Dimis but also his timeless attacks through videos on Youtube and social media. And now a news that will probably excite the art-loving audience of peers and Co. Dimis tou Aggelou is expected to meet on the set of the new ERT series “Mama tourta” to make a pass as a guest. And here lies all the intrigue: Dimis is coming for Marilou of the well-known PASOK attack Nice Years! The two are old acquaintances – Angelos Papadimitriou and Lydia Fotopoulou who came and tied a glove with the role of Marilou. After all, just before the sweet age of May 65, the good actress (originally from Kavala) may well be a real grandmother who lives in nostalgia – for PASOK, Melina, the bouzouki nights out, the princes of the West Bank and the popular neighborhoods of the NW Region of Piraeus – constituency of the late Melina. Dimis and Marilou – both the fruits of the creative pen of Rigas – Apostolos – life brought them to meet on the same couch, at the same table – although I wonder what the resourceful Dimis can do if he is next to the gay captain ( played by Karolos Koun Paris Thomopoulos from the Art Theater). Whatever the door is closed, it is closed, tightly closed. At most Paris tells Angelos stories from his mother’s life next to the great Manos Hadjidakis. For all those who do not know him, he is the son of Stella Kypraiou, a constant collaborator of Hatzidaki with her guitar for years (if you have time, listen on youtube to Hadjidaki’s Erotic Polyrhythm played with Kypraiou’s guitar – here is the address: https: // www.manoshadjidakis.com/stella-kypraiou-erwtiki-polyrythmia/)Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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