What study for fake news did Tsiodras refer to

The unprecedented epidemic of misinformation that is unfolding in parallel with the coronavirus pandemic is causing hundreds of deaths around the world, warns an international study, which was invoked by Sotiris Tsiodras in the press conference for the new pan-Hellenic team. Fantastic treatments for coronavirus are spreading and exacerbating the effects of an already severe pandemic, according to a publication in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Another side effect of the storm of misinformation, which the UN has called an “infodemic” pandemic, is stigmatization: Chinese citizens have been subjected to verbal and physical attacks, while health workers have faced waves of mistrust and stigma. International research team calls for stricter monitoring of social media and more effective, well-informed media efforts. Urine and lime By Donald Trump for bleach consumption. Nearly 6,000 people had to be hospitalized after consuming methanol and 60 of them went blind. Researchers looked at data from 87 countries in 25 languages, “tracking and recording rumors of Covid-19 circulating online, covering high-impact websites. [fact checking]paranoid posts on Indian social media urged people to drink cow’s urine or eat lungs, while in Saudi Arabia urine and lime treatment was proposed. Other “treatments” that have sprung up in various countries are garlic, hot socks and smearing goose breasts. The research also covered conspiracy theories circulating on the Internet, such as the idea that the coronavirus is a biological weapon of Bill Gates for the overthrow of the world order or the sale of more vaccines. Emphasis is placed on the issue of stigma arising from unfounded beliefs. “During the pandemic, cases of verbal and physical violence against people of Asian descent, as well as health workers, have been repeatedly reported,” the researchers note. “Stigmatized people are vulnerable to social avoidance or rejection, neglect of their health, and physical violence.” Solutions? Under the shadow of the findings in the already dark pandemic, researchers are calling on governments and international organizations to control more and more thoroughly the spread of so-called fake news, but also to “cooperate with social media companies to disseminate correct information”. in the

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