What is the Euroleague plan B?

The shareholders said yesterday in the established board of the Euroleague that takes place every November. What if we judge from what was leaked? Obviously we will drive our minds crazy. Elsewhere we saw that the Euroleague is a coalition ready to be blown up. That the clubs have dug up the axes of war and will soon use them. Elsewhere we saw for “hugs and hugs”. How it is a family that is not intimidated by any coronavirus and how Bertomeu remains powerful. The latter is probably not far from reality. If Bertomeu did not want him, the teams would have sent him home. After all, they are the shareholders. They decide who they want for their CEO. The truth in such cases is somewhere in the middle. Obviously, not everything in the Euroleague is rosy. Obviously, on the other hand, not everyone is killed with everyone. The fact is that no one wants to stop playing basketball. And – I imagine – no team participating in the best event in Europe wants to go for a shorter range. The Basketball Champions League is not and will not be in the Euroleague. This is the truth and whoever tells you something different is making fun of you. No fan of Real, Barcelona, ​​Panathinaikos, Olympiakos, CSKA, Maccabi, Fener, Efes and ALL the teams that play in the Euroleague want to pay ticket to see his team at an event coming second or Tuesday. No one, even if we ask them one by one. So there is not only white and black. There is also gray. And the truth is that from yesterday’s teleconference of the Euroleague board, we expected an announcement that would not tell us what they intend to do with the wild cards and the new shareholders. But an announcement that would tell us what is this infamous plan b that the event has in case the coronavirus continues to make her (and our) life difficult. We heard an alternative plan and we did not see an alternative plan. Neither from the clubs, which should be the first to draw up a plan, nor from Bertomeu. Zero. Nothing. In the unknown by boat hope. If the pandemic allows us, we will play normally. If not, who knows? We will postpone games, we will put them whenever we find a gap, we will make the players happy (or not) travelers, who will return from city to city. This is not an organization. This is called stuff. And everyone has a great responsibility. As Koggalidis wrote, Bertomeu would be good from golden boy to become more flexible. But how many and which owners allow it? Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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