“We forbid, we decide and we order”: There will be many shames at this year’s Polytechnic

This year’s anniversary of the Polytechnic will have many shames to remember. Not that other more shameful things have not happened in the past years, but already some people are laying the carpet to see images that do not honor the Greek democracy, the post-political history, the collective memory. What is the Polytechnic today, if it lives and how to be honored is a different discussion. And certainly it can not be done by parties, factions and professional careerists who have built their whole lives on this historic event. Neither can those who stubbornly try to defuse their pseudo-revolution, when we ourselves “stink” of astigma. It is funny to see old-fashioned politicians, and not only, imitating Costas Prekas in the famous war scene and shouting “come and get them”. They are so ridiculous that they ridicule the very meaning of the anniversary. The Polytechnic lives in the collective memory, it is an integral part of history, of Democracy, of the struggle for a better world. Let all those who redeemed and continue to redeem what made the “riots” and “k @@@ children” of that time, during the establishment class. The many shames concern what we live in the last hours and have to do with the revival of junta practices. Either because some unrepentant people think so or because provocation was always the best “medicine” for any disease and all shit (according to the Scriptures). Starting with the fascist, humiliating images of the ousting of the rector of OPA and reaching the ban on gatherings. The events at the University of Economics by a bunch of apolitical fascists were the reason for the “service” of the measures that would follow, both with the “university police” and with the Technical University. And now comes the ban on gatherings of more than 4 people for 4 days. Suspension of Articles 5 and 11 of the Constitution by decision of the Chief of Police and with a “bubble” of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Article 48 of the Constitution provides that a country may enter a state of siege only in conditions of war, mobilization or armed movement to overthrow the regime. Do we have any of the three, except the rhetoric about the coronavirus which is finally characterized as a “war”? Did the Parliament take a decision to ban rallies because we are under siege throughout the country? Of course not. With a decision of the Police… because public health is endangered and without any invocation of the Parliament, everything is done. Not to recall the last article of the Constitution, the well-known 114: and they are obliged to resist by any means against anyone who attempts to overthrow it by force. ”Unfortunately, some decided to cut off his head because it hurts. Because the protection of health and the treatment of the crisis are holy, but there are others that we must see when we get out of this adventure. And most important of all are the democratic rights and whether they are catalyzed in the name of the coronavirus. It is also a human right not to tolerate the insult of the dead of the Polytechnic by placing chemical toilets in front of the historic building for the police to defecate. It is a human and democratic right to react by seeing miserable police officers attacking and handcuffing juvenile criminals sitting on a bench in a square. It is a right not to stack those arrested in recent incidents at the Polytechnic, but to protect You have the right to demonstrate, with masks, with distances, with measures, reacting even to those who consider democracy to be their puppet. It is a right to ask the state to have a plan to deal with a crisis. and not to work “improvising”. Because the question that arises is why did they not ban… gatherings on buses and in the subway? Or in the classes of 28 children with teachers exposed mainly? Or even in churches and liturgies with hierarchs without masks? The shame of this Polytechnic is many, and we have not seen anything yet. But they are their own shame… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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