We do not need politicians who behave like trolls

There are many politicians who have emerged in the last decade through social media. There are MPs who have gained an audience by systematically intervening in social media and thus building their own political personalities. Let us not forget that in Greece the explosion of social media after 2010 came to a society facing a very deep economic and political crisis, was angry and often rebellious and sought a field to express its anger and find others who had the same perception. And because it was a society deep divided sought a field of “communication war” that is both easily accessible and powerful, that is, to act as a great resonator of views and cries. As for politicians or up-and-coming politicians, social media had an added advantage: they replaced traditional media, such as television, at a time when quite a few people like that or else he abandoned the traditional media and turned to the internet. And of course by doing so they adopted the whole culture and aesthetics of these media. The easy and unsubstantiated war. The attack. The personal attack. The screams “oh!”. The shuffling of ideological elements. The constant caressing of the ears of the “followers” and the online “friends”. And of course for many the trick already worked. Who remembers that Kammenos, from a representative of the extreme right and nationalist wing “of ND”, was promoted to leader of an extreme right party using social media? Only all this is the exact opposite of what we would call a serious and organized policy. It is evident even now. In the various versions of MPs and politicians who represent the grotesque in politics, not only in vulgarity, but also in the absence of any real thought and substantial contribution to the public debate. It is no coincidence that these politicians, whom you meet and in the two major parties, they behave internally as the “jesters of the king”. Sometimes this is their main utility: to “say it bluntly” so that the leaders and the leadership can move to “limits of decency”. they further degrade the level of political discourse and addict the world to a policy of screaming and bigotry. Thus, however, they saw the branch on which they sit, reinforcing the necessity of politics and shaping a political aesthetic that ultimately only the next generation Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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