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Olympic athletes Alkistis Avramidou, Margarita Plevritou and Christina Tsoukalas, spoke on behalf of the Red and White women’s polo department about the consequences of a “padlock” in amateur sports. Many families also spoke about the role of the state, emphasizing that it must find a proper solution to the issue and that there should be no psychological, financial and physical leveling of the athletes. The state “The statement of the leader of Olympiacos, Alkisti Avramidou:” We all understand the difficult times we are going through under the pandemic, both in sports and in every sector of society in Greece, in Europe and in general worldwide. This situation concerns the protection of our health. The new measures are in this direction, but as far as sports activity is concerned, they stop it, such as training and competitions. This is a heavy price for all amateur sports. Teams and athletes will be leveled physically, psychologically and financially. So all the athletes are anxiously awaiting the good outcome of this situation and at the same time some substantial solution from the state, so as not to let the sport die late, but to continue with prudence, precautions and strict health protocols, its work “. Μ. Plevritou: “We are scared of the consequences” The statement of Margarita Plevritou: “The interruption of the A1 of the Greek water polo championship is something that will bring confusion and disappointment. In my opinion, even high level athletes try to leave behind the previous quarantine phase and return to their previous physical condition and performance. The unbalanced factor of today’s uncertainty has a tremendous effect on the psychology of an athlete who tries to be in the ideal mental and physical condition to be able to cope with the demands of the championship and achieve his goals. The interruption of the championship can have consequences, which frighten us as our financial earnings are affected without having the corresponding support as professional sports have. We can understand the seriousness of the whole situation and for this very reason we are careful and we have limited all our movements in the absolutely necessary. We follow all the Health Protocols and the instructions of EODY. The women’s water polo department has not had any cases so far. Even more important is that the athletes do not stop training. During this period, most sports have completed their preparatory training and the championships have already started. Abstaining from training and racing for a month will be disastrous for everyone. Not only for us, the athletes of the National team, but also for all the athletes “. Tsoukalas:” The main source of our income “The statement of Christina Tsoukalas:” We live a daily life that has brought the whole world to its knees since March. For all the athletes and especially for the athletes of the National Teams, it is very important that the preparation and training do not stop. Getting back into a training routine, especially for liquid track and field athletes, where adjustment is very difficult. We may be an amateur sport, but the requirements are professional. With double training every day it is almost impossible to do any other work. If tournaments and training sessions are frozen, it is likely that our main source of income will be cut off. We comply with all protocols and security measures. We always wear masks, we do not come close to people and we do all this because we know how important it is not to miss days of training. There has been no case of coronavirus in Women and it will be catastrophic if the championship freezes. “Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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