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When you hear the “treasurers” of the state say we hope for the best and we are prepared and for the worst you realize that anything can happen to us… but at the same time nothing. It is not that we live in a war zone. This is a leash. War leash. It is not a test but who to blame when the world is impoverished due to a pandemic? How much to blame the governments? The questions are rhetorical, perhaps with a fair amount of irony. But between this crisis and the previous one (the fiscal one) there is the following commonality: Nobody, never wants history to write him and to be on the wrong side. , 3 and now experience lockdown 1,2,3 and so on. The damage is great for everyone and when the health crisis is over it will have left behind desolate economies. Like in a war. That leaves demolished buildings behind. That it takes time to build cities again. Greece goes back to Memorandum times. The rate of recession in 2020 is projected at close to 9% or more than 10%. In 2011 the Greek economy had shrunk by 9.11%. The unemployment rate in November 2011 had risen to 20.9%, compared to 13.9% in November 2010 and 18.2% in October 2011. Unemployment forecasts in Greece show a rate of over 18% in 2020. At the end of September the budget deficit exceeded 11.2 billion euros or 6.5% of GDP and the primary deficit of 7 billion euros or 4% of GDP. Public debt has exceeded 362 billion euros or 200% of GDP and is expected at 207% of GDP in 2020. The average equivalent disposable household income before the coronavirus in 2020 is estimated at 10,240 euros. After the pandemic, this income is estimated to be 291.31 euros less or reduced by 2.84%. In the period 2009-2014 the equivalent income decreased by 42%. During the same period, GDP fell by 26%. In absolute terms, the average monthly loss of the poorest was twice that of the richest (€ 404 vs. € 205). The average loss for the whole population was 322 euros per month. At a time when we do not know what dawns on us, let us be at least realistic. And this reality requires a serious plan for the right side of the story. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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