“Walk” of AEK with four (4-1)

What AEK went through in the previous period with the many cases and the interruption of training was a given that would affect it. And this seemed to be against Larissa, a match that was difficult and strange. However, AEK managed to win it. With soul, with nice goals and with self-denial. The Union prevailed in Rizoupoli with 4-1 of the team of Kampos and accompanied its return action with victory. A result of those that can prove decisive in the economy of the season. A match that featured protagonists. Like Macheiras who scored his first professional goal but also Simoes. Which reminded everyone why he is the vice-captain of Dikefalos. Massimo Carrera chose a team with surprises. Since the doubtful player was found in the basic squad due to the injury of Tsintotas, but also Albanis, Macheiras. The Union tried to pressure the defense of Larissa from the beginning and take control of the match. In the 9th minute, it became threatening for the first time, with Lopez wasting an excellent opportunity, failing in a close projection. Larissa became discouraged and in two minutes, it became threatening twice. However, both Milisavljevic’s effort and Platellas’ attempt did not find a target. The match, however, did not have a rhythm with both teams showing nervousness. The mistakes were plentiful on both sides and the spectacle was not good. In 33 ‘AEK managed to create conditions for goals. Albanis entered the area from the right, returned to the height of the penalty to Simoes, with the Portuguese’s shot stopping on Berto. This phase… somewhat woke up the Union which again became pressing. In the 37th minute, Mandalos caught a nice header, with the goalkeeper of the guests having a hard time chasing it in a corner. In the 39th minute, AEK asked for a penalty for Bertos’ hand in a shot by Macheiras. Fire saw the phase in the VAR and finally attributed a foul to Sakhof, at the beginning of the phase. Something that provoked the strong protests of the Yellow-Blacks. Until the end of the half there was nothing remarkable and so the teams went to the locker room without a score. In the second half AEK came in stronger. And he managed to find the goal in the 55th minute with Macheiras! The first in the professional career of the young winger! After a turn in the area, the ball reached Macheira who controlled with his chest and executed with his left, without the ball falling on the grass! AEK took the lead and shortly after, Carrera threw his heavy cards on the field. Ansarifard and Livagia went into the match in order to give extra quality to the Union. However, the data was overturned, with Larissa equalizing! Sparv will catch a dry shot from the height of the large area and to the left, the ball will find the horizontal bar and will pop through the line, for the 1-1 of Crimson in 68 ‘! The Yellow-Blacks, however, “answered” immediately. In the 71st minute, Mandalos amazingly found Asnarifard who “executed” Nagy for 2-1! Dikefalos overcame the shock of the draw and the Iranian gave the solution, at the first opportunity presented to him. The match was now tilted for good in favor of AEK, which finished the job 7 minutes. Simoes with a goal that reminded her against Wolfsburg made it 3-1, scoring on his return to action! Galanopoulos put the icing on the cake in 89 ‘. The international midfielder, who suffered from injuries for almost a year, is here again. And he “shouted” this in the match with Larissa, forming the final 4-1 with a beautiful shot. AEK (M. Carrera, 4-2-3-1): Tsintotas, Paulinio, Svarnas, Nedelcearou, Lopez (66 ‘ Insua), Sakhov (81 ‘Galanopoulos), Simoes, Albanis, Mandalos, Macheiras (67’ Livagia), Oliveira (60 ‘Ansarifard) (82’ Tankovic) Larissa (M. Grigoriou, 5-4-1): Nagos, (86 ‘Grigoropoulos), Iliadis, Mouzek (78’ Trujic), Michael, Filip, Sparv, Milosavljevic, Nikolias (46 ‘Torze), Platellas (86’ Younes), Durmisai Follow this on Google News and find out all Latest News from Greece and the World, at

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