Vroutsis: When will the 800 euro bonus and the Christmas gift be paid?

Clarifications on the 800 euro allowance and the Christmas gift were given by the Minister of Labor, Giannis Vroutsis. Regarding the 800 euro allowance, Mr. Vroutsis stressed that it is a real number, as there are thousands of employees who have been suspended since November 1 and therefore all of them will be credited the entire amount. “It is neither fictitious nor fictitious. As the 534 euros were given, so it will be with the 800 euros. It may have started on November 4, but many came in from the 1st of the month “, stressed Giannis Vroutsis and added regarding their payment:” We make every possible effort. The Ministry of Labor is not a banking organization. ”When will the 800 euro allowance be paid? Employees in affected companies will receive from 7/12 to the end of the month. Christmas gift At the same time, Mr. Vroutsis spoke about the Christmas gift. “We have said that they will be paid by the companies until December 21 and then the state will pay what is due to the companies. The reduction will be at 800 euros for those who are suspended or their businesses are closed. “The telework came to stay. Giannis Vroutsis spoke to OPEN about hotels and hotel employees, saying that tourism workers for October will receive everything , what is their share together with the insurance contributions. He also stated that his goal is to keep the jobs and that Cooperation and teleworking came to stay. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news Greece and the World, at

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