Vroutsis: The settlement of insurance debts in five installments

The process of settling the insurance debts that resulted from the liquidation of the contributions of 2019 for 800,343 self-employed, self-employed and farmers, was analyzed by the Minister of Labor Giannis Vroutsis, speaking on a ERT In 2019, debit notes were issued to 800,343 self-employed, self-employed and farmers – averaging over 1,300 euros each – to be paid in two installments, at the end of November and at the end of December. “At the initiative of the Ministry of Labor “, according to which the two installments become five, in order to facilitate the self-employed, the self-employed and the farmers, with the debit balance” said Mr. Vroutsis, adding that, with the new insurance reform, the amount is no longer connected of insurance contributions with the income, which he converted the insurance in tax. Retroactive and outstanding pensions Asked about the retroactive to which the heirs are entitled, the Minister of Labor answered that the platform for the heirs (172,222) will open within the week. “The process will be electronic and will not require an in-person presence,” he said. in the two large and sensitive categories of widow’s and farmers’ pensions, gives a final solution. He stressed that a specific timetable is followed for its full implementation. As he underlined, from this week and on a monthly basis, the number of pending pensions and new applications for pensions will be made public, as well as the number of pensions awarded. the Christmas Gift will normally be paid on December 21 and the state will then pay the companies their due portion. “The Christmas Gift will be calculated based on the actual salary received by the employee,” he said. Labor law and overtime continue to be paid. Finally, the Minister of Labor stated that, tonight, the platform for the submission of supporting documents by companies for suspensions will be opened. Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ Follow it on Google News and find out first all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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