Vroutsis: No social group will be left unprotected – What will happen to overtime and long-term unemployed

“There will always be a social group that will ask for coverage, but let everyone know that no group will be left unprotected,” said Giannis Vroutsis, speaking about the economic consequences of the pandemic. Speaking to Antenna, the Minister of Labor stressed that there will be care for coverage of the long-term unemployed. “No one in Greece is left unprotected. “In our country we have one of the most reliable social benefit networks and today all citizens who are out of the labor market and have no other income are covered by the guaranteed minimum income, the child allowance and the European TEVA fund for food distribution,” he said. Regarding the complaints from the President of the Union of Workers in Tourism and Food, for mass layoffs, a few days before the start of the lockdown, Giannis Vroutsis replied that if there are relevant complaints will be checked by the Body of Labor Inspectors If there are illegalities, strict fines will be imposed. Regarding the payment of overtime, the Minister. Labor said that nothing changes with the bill that is to be submitted to Parliament, that 8 hours remains a pillar in terms of labor in Greece and stressed that workers will be paid normally any hours they work overtime. Giannis Vroutsis said that there are non-existent reports from a section of the press regarding the arrangement of working hours, stating that “some people tried to distort the truth for partisan reasons” and emphasizing that there will be no change in the framework that was in force and which was maintained by SYRIZA. “We covered this world as much as we could, in fact we extended the coverage for October with insurance and with the allowance of 5324 euros to become the” bridge “and then pass to the unemployment benefit”. The Minister of Labor also said that “In the bill that will be submitted to the Parliament in the coming days, the first provision will concern the reduction of insurance contributions and the 3.9 units in total (note: 0.9 from July 2020 and by 3 units from the New Year of 2021), in order to strengthen businesses and employees and to have a better environment for the increase of employment “. Giannis Vroutsis noted The provision that transforms into a stable employment relationship the framework of dependent work that employed thousands of people in Greece, mainly as delivery, has been implemented. He said that the minimum wage is increasing in Greece in terms of a real economy, based on a mechanism in 2013 and strengthened under SYRIZA, as he stated, based on the strength of the economy and realistic data. He clarified that there was no change in the minimum wage in 2020, noting that “any increase may have had the opposite effect, in the economic environment that was formed”. Regarding the retroactive insurance contributions of 1.1 billion euros that 800,000 companies are required to pay and el. professionals, said that it concerns the change of the law adopted by SYRIZA for income-insurance contributions, which was changed by the Government of the New Democracy, said that it concerns the liquidation of the insurance contributions of 2019 and previous years. As he mentioned, there are 350,000 freelancers who, in the context of this liquidation, will receive a refund from e-EFKA, the average amount of which will be 600 euros. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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