Vroutsis: How to get the 800 euros – The dates of the payments

The way in which the applications and the dates for the payment of 800 will be made for those employees who are in the status of suspension of employment contracts for November was mentioned by the Minister of Labor, Giannis Vroutsis. As he explained, there are thousands of employees who will receive the 800 euro and the procedure for payment will be the same as the one in force so far and is divided as follows: 1st category of closed companies with state order: From 15/11 to 24/11 the companies submit the form to Ergani and then the application is clicked employees. Payments of the companies affected from 27/11 to 3 / 122nd category: Applications will be made from 15/11 – 7/12. The payment will be paid gradually by the end of December. 534 euros, in addition to the Christmas gift. In case an employee is suspended in November, his daily allowance is 26.66 euros for each day of suspension. Thus, those who will be suspended throughout November will receive 800 euros compared to 534 euros that was valid until now, while those who are suspended for part of the month of November are expected to receive 26.66 euros per calendar day of suspension. He pointed out that “the long-term unemployed will receive 200 euros for 2”. The electronic platform of the heirs will be open until November 16. Regarding the temporary pensions, Mr. Vroutsis stated that they tried to increase them and that they will be paid in At the end of November. Regarding the settlement of EFKA’s debts, he noted that it is proceeding normally. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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