Vroutsis at MEGA: No one exposed in the second wave of the crisis thanks to the new support measures

The Minister of Labor, Giannis Vroutsis, spoke on the show “MEGA Weekend”, deciphering the new support measures announced by the government. As he said, it is logical that there are reactions and anxiety from society, the business world and the world of work, but ” from beginning to end we are committed to leaving no one unprotected. We shook hands with the social partners and said that we will all face the crisis together. “We will all turn our backs on the crisis and we will all emerge victorious.” According to Mr Vroutsis, Eurostat data show that Greece, in the midst of this difficult period, is the first country with the most effective measures and less than 2% job losses compared to other European countries. “This was a positive message that the measures we took in the first wave of the crisis were in the right direction.” Therefore, according to Mr. Vroutsis, for the second wave of the crisis, the answer comes with successful and effective tools – suspension of employment contracts. , repayable advance, special purpose licenses – that is, “with all the package we used in the first wave”, he said, referring to the new financial support measures. “Of course, no one says that we claim the perfect or the infallible. But we claim the fact that we are fighting responsibly and rationally. “He added:” Think about what would have happened if we had heard the voices of the critics and given it all in the first wave. “Now we could do nothing about the world and businesses.” In particular, in terms of measures, he noted that those employees who are in red areas and are in the KAD, where the companies where they work are forced to close, have an employment contract suspended with 534 euros. plus insurance contributions to their nominal salary. The same applies to those employees who are in the yellow areas and their business closes upon its choice or suspends part or all of its employees. So “all employees are covered”. “We understand their anxiety” and for this reason “the Ministry of Finance comes with the very dynamic and successful tool of the repayable advance and puts on the table the repayable advance 4 and 5”. For all businesses that are in the cases of red areas that are closed, are provided 2,000 euros and 1,000 euros for all t in the case of freelancers, provided they have a 20% turnover reduction. He also explained what the 50% subsidy means in practice. For the fact that special purpose compensation is no longer provided in the above cases, he replied that the amounts that companies and professionals will receive through the repayable advance are much higher than what they would receive from the He clarified that the measure will also include companies that do not have any employees or cash registers, “so we are spreading the safety net everywhere and simplifying the process”. , he added. He also referred to the mandatory measure of a 40% reduction in rent in state-owned businesses in the red areas and a 40% reduction in rent for all employees and their children who are students in either the red or yellow area, if they go on suspension. He also referred to the “structural measure that emerges came through the crisis and came to stay “: teleworking, which increases from 40% to 50% compulsory in red and yellow areas for all companies and employees, with two conditions. teleworking, an important tool is the “Tool”. The announcements from the companies will be made obligatory and pre-announced. For the unemployment benefit he said that it extends for the months of September, October, November and December by two months with the amount of 400 euros plus increase if there are children. This will be done immediately, without in person In the presence of the unemployed, as soon as his unemployment benefit expires. The money of the unemployment benefit for September and October will be received immediately, said Mr. Vroutsis, as soon as the ministerial decision is issued, within November. While they do not need to apply. The unemployed will receive the money through the same procedure for the months of November and December, when their unemployment will end. As for the assessment of where the unemployment will go, he said that “we are trying to reduce the wave “Finally, he referred to the plans for the suspension of VAT on businesses and insurance obligations. As for the world of tourism, he said that they will also receive for October the allowance of 534 euros and insurance contributions. For the retroactive pensions He said that they amount to 1.4 billion euros to 1,152,000 retirees and that they were paid properly, perfectly smoothly and there are no mistakes. He added that there are still two pending issues for two categories and explained when this money will be paid. “We are not changing anything in laws that were in force since 1990 and 2011, just some codified funds are coming back.” “He also referred to the protective framework for families and paternity leave, stressing that” we will also give parental leave to the father “. Finally, he referred to the draft support measures for lawyers, engineers , economists. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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