Vovoras: “Nedovic will travel to Spain”

Panathinaikos is preparing for the games of the “devil week” in Spain against Valencia and Baskonia in the Euroleague. The coach of the “greens”, George Vovoras spoke to Novasports channels and referred, among other things, to the matches that follow but also to the participation of the injured Nemanja Nedovic. In detail, what he said: For the season so far: “The season is very difficult for various For these reasons, we have been hurt by the recent defeats against good teams that we fought to get the positive result. There is no time for yesterday, we have a difficult week ahead of us with two very important away games, we have to concentrate and dedicate ourselves to the next game. “For Valencia:” It is clear that there are no seats this season. When you play at home, without the presence of people and there is and should be, then for all teams, not only for us, it is a small disadvantage. Away the chances are divided, but apart from the trip and the new stadium you will meet, there are no big differences. We will face a team that has an excellent creation, has a very good game in the “pick and roll”, but also in the low post, a team that passes and tries to execute through the painted, mainly with Kalinic and Dubljevic, so we have a complex job in our defensive part and we are obliged to face players with great talent in scoring and creation “. Nedovic: “He will train today, he will travel with us, we hope to have him in one of the two games. But if he does all the training today, maybe we have him at our disposal in Tuesday’s match with Valencia. “If the coronavirus distracts them and they lose their goals:” From the moment it knocked on our family door , we had to change things, we changed shapes, the way we trained changed. It’s something we have to live with, we hope the vaccine will be found soon, but it cannot be used as an excuse. It’s something that exists between us and we have to find our own solutions. “For Mack:” Selvin is a great character, he has a personality on the floor, he has the ability to lead the team, but also to score, as he showed in the last match with Efes, he is still in a learning process, he knows his team and his teammates. In the match against Efes, despite the fact that he did not know many systems, he managed with his talent to give us easy points. Together with Nedovic who have played together in the past, he can give a lot, I think that is what the team lacks. We need training, games, there is no time. We have to be ready for every match that comes “. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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