Vovoras: 12 players ready with CSKA – There must be a champion in the Euroleague

Panathinaikos welcomes CSKA Moscow (6/11) for the 7th game of the Euroleague, with Giorgos Vovoras stating that 12 of his players are ready for the “battle” with the Russians. At the same time, he stressed that his team is on the right track , while he claimed that this year he should become a champion in the Euroleague. In detail his statements: Initially he said: “We have pointed out from the first day that it will be an unpredictable, unfair season, a very difficult season. We have 3 absences, but we have 12 players who are ready to play and we are preparing for this game, except for Sykes who tried to stay, but it was his personal decision not to continue. We have 12 players and with them we are preparing for a strong game against CSKA “. For the preparation for CSKA:” We were out of training for 3 days, we did some individual, but since Monday we started we have done very good training. We have a lot of motivation and mood and we will fight with a very strong opponent, who is one of the favorites to win the trophy. “For the height of CSKA:” They have 7 players over 2 meters and if we add Hilliard, who is close to 2 meters, then it is 8. It has a large size we know and is reflected not only in the offensive rebound, but also in the one against one. The keys are the control of the racket in the rebounds, but also in the personal defense and if we look at their game, there are 2 players, James, who has started the season exceptionally, and Claiborne, who have 45% of CSKA points. Therefore, personal defense is very important and there is always a player who makes a difference in CSKA Moscow. “For the elements that distinguish CSKA Moscow:” CSKA has the athleticism to open the rhythm and the transition. It is another game where the key will be the defense, the control of the rebounds and our willingness to go to every ball first. This is what this team builds and it is a one-way street for games like the one with CSKA Moscow. “On the will of the players:” This has nothing to do with talent and roster. It has to do with how a player prepares. We are on the right track in this matter. The 12 players we will be will have this logic “. About the new lockdown in Greece:” 3-4 days ago we discussed other issues. Now some decisions have been made by people who know a lot more about us than a lockdown. No one knows what will happen in a week, in a month. The only sure thing is that there must be a champion in the Euroleague. To find the way for the people who are responsible to be a champion, because if for the second consecutive year there is no champion it will not be pleasant for anyone. Both athletes and team members go through situations that are not pleasant, but we need to find a way to keep it going and give the viewers joy. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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