Voridis: Very fast payments and compensations to the affected farmers from “Ianos”

The immediate reaction of the state mechanism for the payment of 100% compensation to the affected farmers and stockbreeders from “Ianos” was pointed out by the Minister of Rural Development Makis Voridis in the Plenary Session of the Parliament, emphasizing the important contribution of the ELGA administration. of Christos Boukorou regarding the restoration of the soils that have been eroded by the extremely severe weather phenomena that mainly affected the region of Thessaly, the Minister announced the mission in the area of ​​stairs of ELGO “Dimitra” in order to determine the suitability or not of the victims “If their unsuitability is found, ways will be sought to support the producers in order to restore them to arable condition,” Mr. Voridis pledged, noting that this issue is in the focus of the Ministry’s interest. Voridis assured about mi He further added that farmers affected by “Janos” will not be required to deliver the minimum quantity required to receive the coupled aid and pointed out that the exceptional circumstances prevailing in this case due to force majeure exempt farmers from Regarding the issue raised by the Heraklion MP of the Movement for Change, Vassilis Kegeroglou, for an increase in the amount of aid requested by the greenhouse growers of Crete with an additional 90 million, the Minister recommended the attention of all in the wording of the amounts mentioned from time to time, pointing out that the figures should be fully substantiated, as the state aid procedure is controllable and requires their prior approval by the European Commission. He added that he is open to a good dialogue with all, without exception, the producers and stressed that he will reconsider the request of the producers of greenhouse vegetables in Crete for a greater aid, placing it in a context that will concern the specific productions. Responding to a remark made by Mr. Kegeroglou that the amount of aid amounting to 126 million euros to be directed to the olive growers affected by the coronavirus pandemic is small and non-professional farmers have been excluded from it, Mr. Voridis explained that the Ministry in this aid the total amount available of the Rural Development Program and chose to give this aid only to professional farmers as they themselves have no other source of income and are at a disadvantage compared to other professionals. Regarding the method of calculation of this aid, which has been categorized into cultivated land classes in hectares and not the classic method of acreage aid, he clarified that this method of calculation is provided by the European Regulation. The Minister reiterated, however, that to date no aid has ever been given to oil production and this is something that this Government is doing for the first time. Regarding the file of claims for the crops affected by climate change in Crete, Mr. Voridis announced submitted to the European Commission and announced announcements on the matter to the Council of Ministers of Agriculture in November or December. The Minister, rejecting the objections of the Heraklion MP of the KKE, Manolis Syntyhakis that the Ministry has paid “crumbs” to strengthen the Crete, listed the amounts that Cretan producers are expected to receive after the payment of the olive oil aid, which amounts to a total of approximately 54 million euros for 2020. “Is this not active support for Crete?” Regarding the compensation of the uninsured greenhouse owners who were affected by the weather, Mr. Voridis stressed that for reasons of mercy and support only money was paid to them and called on the KKE to answer whether the amount of compensation for the uninsured should be The Greek taxpayer is shouldered, instead of being included in the producer’s cultivation costs. In addition, at the request of Mr. Syntychakis to have ELGA support from the state budget, the Minister stressed that the current government is the only one in the last decade that has given money to ELGA budget from the state budget, characteristically mentioning the transfer of an amount of 35 million in August with which the affected farmers were repaid earlier than planned as well as the extra 40 million euros in order to compensate those who suffered damages from “Jan”. the damage observed to crops by recent Ms. The Minister stated that the process of identifying them is in progress and after the deadline for the submission of the relevant statements, the procedures provided by ELGA will begin. Finally, answering a relevant question posed by the Pieria MP of SYRIZA Betty Skoufa about the big reduction observed in the production of chestnut due to the infestation of chestnut trees by the disease of gray chestnut rot in the regional unit of Pieria, Mr. Voridis noted that, according to the General Directorate of Agricultural Research of the Institute of Forest There is no effective measure to treat the disease and stressed that an effort is underway by scientists to identify the cause of this disease and to address its adverse effects. He even reserved the right to present in a timely manner a comprehensive action on how to approach the problem that has arisen. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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