Voridis: SYRIZA’s rhetoric endangers the producers’ aid

The irreverence of SYRIZA’s claims was demonstrated by the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Makis Voridis during his speech in Parliament in the context of the Parliamentary Audit. The Minister was asked if he intends to promote the cooperation of unilateral or cooperative efforts with the bodies of the Local Self-Government, in order for the latter, procuring the said product, to support, through the programs, the support of the olive growers of the Kalamon variety. who manage the production of the Kalamon olive variety, embracing the approach of the “state – buyer of last resort”, a proposal of SYRIZA which is included in the program of the party “We Stand Upright II”. In another part of the same question, Mr. Voridis if the Ministry intends to cooperate with other Ministries, in order for the supervised Legal Entities under Public Law and their Decentralized Units throughout the Region to meet their existing needs, through their supply of the product in question, adopting the above. The above proposals are co-signed by a number of MPs of the official opposition, including the former Minister and current Head of Rural Development of SYRIZA, Stavros Arachovitis. Mr. Voridis appeared surprised by the specific proposals, as, as noted, organizations, does not adopt unilateral actions and does not have the supervision of local authorities. He also reminded the questioning Members that according to European regulations any aid is prohibited, with some exceptions and stressed that the above proposals are outside the basic framework of the single market. “What do you want? Should Ministries make purchases directly? “Where do you see them? Where are they?” In addition, on the occasion of Mr. Sarakiotis’ report that the problem in the prices of this product has started before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in our country, Mr. Voridis clarified that the European Union allows the Member States to grant state only for the losses suffered by their producers due to the disruption caused by the pandemic and warned that the rhetoric of SYRIZA jeopardizes the necessary approval by the Commission of this aid. “We have taken measures and have already received approval from the European Commission for the support of Kalamon olive producers. Fortunately, they do not listen to you, because if they did, there would be no aid. “Regarding the request made in the same question for the establishment of an oiling program for unallocated stocks in order to decongest the standards of the wine crisis measure, the Minister clarified There is a corresponding European regulation that provides for a similar measure as is the case in the wine sector and attributed the impossibility of implementing such a measure to the lack of a corresponding register in which to declare the oil production and to follow a transparent procedure. Moreover, in another topical question Mr. Sarakiotis on the return of excise duty on agricultural oil, Mr. Voridis noted that this issue requires a consideration of the country’s financial capabilities and urged the SYRIZA MP to ask this question to the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, as matter responsible for the matter. The Minister stressed, however, that the permanent position of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food is to support any measure that moves in the direction of reducing production costs, alleviating the burden of producers and contributing to increasing the competitiveness of Greek agriculture. Heraklion of the Movement for Change, Vassilis Kegeroglou on the allocation of resources for the Ministry of Rural Development in the New National Development Program 2021-2025 set at 28 million euros, Mr. Voridis replied that on the issue of the distribution of all economic and productive actors, A holistic approach is followed, which is formed in the context of general considerations and which includes in this case the Rural Development Program and the Reconstruction Fund. However, the Minister referred Mr. Kegeroglou to the Ministry of Development in order to obtain more details on this issue, noting that the position of the Ministry includes more ambitious proposals and pledged to consider their use and the possibility provided in the context of Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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