Von der Leyen: As of tomorrow, 2 billion will be disbursed in Greece from the SURE program

“We have a wide list of vaccines, many different candidates and I am convinced that some of them will be effective vaccines,” the commission president told ERT, expressing her satisfaction and optimism about developments in the coronavirus vaccine. “We are having a difficult time now, we have to be patient, we have to follow the rules, but there is light at the end of the tunnel,” said Ursula von der Layen. “Tomorrow Greece will have access to a large amount of the SURE program which will help businesses and workers affected by the pandemic.” I have good news for Greece. From tomorrow, Greece will have access to 2 billion euros from the SURE mechanism. In total, it will have access to 2.7 billion euros. It’s a lot of money for a good cause. The aim is to tell healthy companies to keep the workforce in the company, not to fire them and we will subsidize part of the salary if they do not have enough work “, she noted. Regarding the disbursement of NextGenerationEU money, Ms. von der Layen pointed out that” Greece has access to the recovery fund, what we call NEXTGENERATION EU, for a total of 31 billion euros. It is really important for Greece but also for the other 26 Member States “. Staikouras: At 11 – 12 billion euros the state injection of liquidity The fact that the largest amount will soon be disbursed from the Sure program to Greece, confirmed the Minister of Finance , Christos Staikouras, from the floor of the Parliament. In total, the state injection of liquidity to companies amounts to 11 – 12 billion euros. 145,132 unique TINs have been strengthened with a 3.4 billion euro program, while the 4th cycle of the program is expected. but also for its subsequent amendments. “The aim of the participation is to harmonize the components and measures of the temporary framework with the needs of the Greek economy. This cooperation has had the following results: – Increase of the general rule – which includes the repayable one – which provides a support limit per company of 800,000 euros. – Exemption of micro and small enterprises from restrictions – Extension of the temporary framework until June 2021 “The minister added:” As for the limit of 800 thousand euros, a useful clarification must be made. The limit of 800 thousand euros is not related to the 200 thousand euros of de minimis. This means that a company that received aid of 800 thousand euros can receive up to 200 thousand euros of aid that is part of the de minimis. In total, the support can reach up to 1 million euros. “At the same time, Mr. Staikouras stressed that one of the measures that will be added to the arsenal concerns the reinforcement of uncovered costs, but this does not affect the limit of 800 thousand euros. other side. Mr. Loverdos referred to a recent study by the Bruegel Institute which shows that Greece is in the position among other European countries in terms of strengthening the real economy either by providing liquidity or by suspending payments. In response, Mr. Staikouras claimed that the study in question concerns in the first half of 2020. “Recent EU figures show that aid averages 4% of GDP. Greece has exceeded 6.5% of GDP “. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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