Victory with “outbreak” for Aris (81-75)

Aris won the Thessaloniki derby with Iraklis for the postponed second game of the Basket League. The “yellows” beat Giraios 81-75 thanks to a reversal in the fourth quarter and celebrated their first victory in the championship. The hosts were the team that started the match better. Aris started ideally (14-0), however a series of Hercules was able to reduce the difference only to two at the end of the first ten minutes (24-22). About the same scenario in the second period. The “yellows” were ahead with 31-22 in the first minutes, but then with the help of Schiza and Kavvada the “Old” was ahead at halftime with 40-44. The guests continued at the same pace and kept even this small difference at the end of the third quarter (61-66), but Aris did not leave the game. Decozi scored a great shot for the overthrow and the +6 of his team (79-73), Bowlin five seconds before the end fell into violation and the match for Hercules was lost. Top for the winners was Decozi with 20 points , while the catalysts were Flionis (6 points, 5 assists), Kouzeloglou (8 points, 9 rebounds), but also Chalmers with 9 points and 3 steals. For the whole of Vangelis Ziagos, those who stood out were Kavvadas with 13 points and 13 rebounds and Hanlan with 17 points. Aris (Kamberidis): Suller 3 (1/5 shots, 3 assists), Milosevic 9 (3/8 shots, 5 rebounds), Chalmers 9 (1 3-pointer, 3 steals), Dragicevic 5 (2 / 7 two points, 3 rebounds), Decozi 20 (3/8 two points, 4/4 three points, 2/2 shots), Slaftsakis 6 (1), Flionis 6 (0/4 three points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists), Charitopoulos 6 , Sidiroelias, Kouzeloglou 8 (9 rebounds), Little 9 (3) .Iraklis (Ziagos): Schizas 9 (3/3 three points, 3 rebounds), Kavvadas 13 (3/6 two points, 7/7 shots, 13 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, 1 block), Ts airlis 2, Bowlin 10 (2), Hanlan 17 (1/6 two points, 3/7 three points, 6/6 shots), Childres 9, Sags 6 (1/6 shots), Georgalas 1, Moore 3, Verginis, Daniel 5 (10 rebounds). Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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