Venetis: Monemvasiotis puts a “padlock” on the street, dozens of employees

In a move of provocative analgesia in the midst of a crisis, which will leave dozens of workers on the street, the famous chain of bakeries Venetis is moving forward. The owner of the well-known bakeries, Panagiotis Monemvasiotis, announced that five stores are closing, while it is unknown what will happen to many others throughout Greece. Hundreds of other employees. Citing the financial crisis, the corona virus but also throwing all the responsibilities on the owners of the properties that rent them in the “Veneti” bakeries, Monemvasiotis tried to abdicate the responsibilities of his company and his own administration. a few months ago he said he has a strategic development plan. Just last August, he stressed that he has long had the plans for the further development of the company, both inside and outside the country. He even said that he will create a new concept that can change the market data. Suddenly, he decides to put a lock on the first 5 stores while rumors speak of another 5 by the end of the year and another 20 next year, if the situation does not improve Speaking to Mega, Mr. Monemvasiotis said that he is taking this action because the owners of the shops he rents are uncompromising. As he mentions, he has asked for a rent reduction of at least 20% but few are responding. He also emphasizes that the turnover has decreased dramatically. “50-65 people will be unemployed, we will absorb some of them,” said Mr. Monemvasiotis, however, no one knows what dawns on him, especially if the rumors about more padlocks are confirmed. It is recalled that the chain has 110 stores and employs 1,750 employees. Mr. Monemvasiotis points out that the coronavirus caused huge problems because there is no consumption by tourists and traffic was reduced due to the teleworking of many employees. The essence, however, is that the multifunctional businessman and major shareholder of Apollon Smyrna, decides not to put his hand in his pocket and to support the company in the midst of the crisis, and chooses the easy solution of the padlock that leaves the unemployed behind and causes concern in the market and the economy. However, the fact that some people refer to a drop in the turnover in bread as it is a product that is always in demand and for this reason the fact is that ovens are constantly opening all over Greece. , led the situation to a dead end. The history of the ovensThe history of the Veneti ovens, which arrived to produce 10 tons of bread a day and to make food as a restaurant, begins in 1948. In 1972, at the age of 24, Babis Venetis took over the business. is a point of reference even today. In 1989 the Veneti bakery produced 60 different varieties of bread, while in the same year it chose to develop its network, not only with privately owned stores, but also using the method of franchising. In 1994 the first franchise store operates and in 1995 the new production unit is created in Lykovrisi, with 14,000 sq.m. production spaces that meet the most demanding quality standards. In 2009 the development continued, with the addition of coffee shops in the shops, combining the bakery, the patisserie and the shop where one can drink his coffee. , the Veneti Food Hall, the Veneti 1948 and the classic Veneti, which have more than 1,500 products from the bakery and confectionery. A milestone in the course of the company was the acquisition and operation of the emblematic building of NEON in Omonia, where one of the largest bakeries in Europe operated. Panagiotis Monemvasiotis acquired in 2002 the majority package of the chain while he decided to enter football by acquiring the historic Apollon Smyrnis. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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