Utilizing traditional olive groves helps tackle climate change

The utilization of the traditional olive groves and the restoration of the very old, but not productive olive trees that are in them, was discussed in the board of directors of the Association of Olive Growing Municipalities of Crete, which was held by video conference. According to Nikos Michelakis, dr Agronomist and scientific advisor of SEDIK, the utilization of traditional olive groves is an issue that has been raised in the past and was the subject of a conference in Selino, Chania after which, SEDIK submitted a relevant memorandum to the Ministry of Agriculture. For other similar olive groves such as Amfissa, the financial support continues “, pointed out Mr. Michelakis, who informs that traditional olive groves and olive trees are scattered in many areas of the country. Object of uncontrolled logging” Several of them are found in Crete as in the area of ​​Amari in Rethymno, in the areas of Enia Chorion and Selinos in Chania, in the areas of the mountainous Messara and Psiloritis, etc. “These olive groves, which, due to aging, but also the height of trees, have reached a state of marginal productivity, require high cultivation costs. Thus, they began to be abandoned or even subjected to uncontrolled logging. Thus, their social and environmental value is particularly high in tackling climate change and conserving biodiversity. Therefore, they can and should be the object of conservation and utilization in the framework of the strategy of the new CAP “From the field to the table and Biodiversity” that has already been announced “, says the scientific advisor of SEDIK. SEDIK after consultation with the municipalities in olive groves of this form, will submit a relevant memorandum to the Ministry of Regional Development asking for the parallel support of the Region and local MPs. Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in

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