US elections: What happened to the “blue wave”

U.S. pollsters, like the vast majority of U.S. and international media outlets, were anxiously awaiting the outcome of the U.S. election to confirm their predictions of the ouster of the “popular” Donald Trump and the appearance of a giant “blue wave.” (The color of the Democrats) that would flood America. The wave is still expected. Joe Biden seems to be climbing the presidency in distress, while in the House the Democrats seem to have suffered a disaster. Trump’s Republicans lost no seats and probably won 12 of the Democrats. Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of Parliament, will now have a much smaller majority. While in the Senate the Republican Party will still seem to maintain the majority it had before. Where things do not look good at all is in the image of the American Republic and in the functioning of the institutions. More than three days are making election results in countries such as Turkey, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burkina Faso and Ano Volta! It is inconceivable in the US that the election is considered almost open 5 days after November 3! Even with the letter vote due to coronavirus. Equally paradoxical is the law of the States to be applied at will, depending on the dispositions of their governments. According to the Law, only ballot papers that were posted before the day of the elections and that arrive by Friday, November 6, should be counted. And yet, to count the ballots that arrived until 12/11, and in fact, many of them, without a stamp of the date of dispatch. What exactly happened? There are also many questions about the authorities’ refusal to accept Republican observers to have some oversight of the vote – in Pennsylvania, for example. – not even accepting a court order! And it is astonishing that the major American television channels cut off the really bitter President Trump when he made the relevant complaint. This is not a harbinger of normal developments for those who claim to want to get the Republic back on track – from which the current White House resident’s somewhat disarmed. A general remark on the electoral contest. Trump spoke to many people who believed in both what he did and what he still intended to do. Mainly in the reduction of taxes to the less affluent and in the increase of employment. He increased his votes among blacks while he was also supported by Latin voters (of Cuban or Venezuelan and Peru descent, mainly). He lost critical States from the vote of the major urban centers. While everywhere else it dominated. In Nevada he lost Reno and Las Vegas. While he won everywhere else. The same in Pennsylvania with Philadelphia, in Arizona with Phoenix, in Georgia with Atlanta and in Wisconsin with Milwaukee. It loses in minority cities and gains the American countryside, small towns and countryside. It takes a huge effort from Democrats to escape this political reality. Approaching the mass of their traditional voters and leaving aside the excesses of identity politics. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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