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Once again we live in a theater of the absurd, on the occasion of the protection of the first home and the new bankruptcy law brought by the government to Parliament. Rifles in the air by SYRIZA with the motion of censure filed against the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras, crocodile tears from the executives and the leadership of the official opposition who after 4½ years in the government remembered the vulnerable households that are in danger of losing their only home. But also last-minute corrections by the government that, if nothing else, show sloppiness in preparing a law with several gray areas in what it provides for the really financially weak. From the beginning, the question is simple: why SYRIZA as a government does not solved the issue of the first residence, bringing a law in Parliament cut and sewn to the measures of the proposals he is supposed to represent now? The answer, of course, is simple, considering that in his day there were continuous reductions in the protection limits of the first residence of the then Katselis law, which has been repealed. Thus, gradually, less and less were protected from the lower limits required and imposed each time by the troika or the institutions (it does the same). Shortly before the law was repealed (at the end of 2019), very few people had the privilege of protection for their first home. SYRIZA followed this tactic: scissors at the limits of protection and successive time extensions to the force of a law (Katseli law) that was mathematically doomed to be abolished because it no longer served the needs for which it was voted at the beginning of the last decade. He had become the protector of ubiquitous strategic defaulters, since with one application for membership they gained immunity for years. At the same time the auctions were coming and going and some were losing their homes, to put it bluntly. In other words, the previous government threw the ball to the current one, which, also at the request of the lenders, but also to deal with the big thorn in the side of red loans, he had to bring a new law in place of the Katselis law. This is how the new bankruptcy came to us, but it is really a big question why the government waited at the last minute, causing great reactions, to increase the unsecured limit of poor debtors to 1,250 euros, as is the case in all other cases in our country. And what exactly is the second opportunity he invokes: the possibility for the borrower to remain through a rent subsidy in the first home he lost or the possibility to repurchase it after 12 years, as provided by law. Why do I find the second case blurred? As for the first, it will be seen in practice. Bad lies, protection of the first house, finally. I do not know if it was possible to set some minimum protection limits for the really weak and if this category could be identified without the abuses of the past. But one thing proves it once again: the more we, as a society, hide the problems under the rug, the more we pay them more when the bill comes! Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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