Unbelievable Swinderski attack on Mars

Karol Svinderski gave a full interview on a website of his homeland, with the Polish striker of PAOK referring to the former coach of Northern Biceps, Abel Ferreira, the new coach of the Black and Whites, Pablo Garcia, but also to A. In fact, when asked about the fact that the Yellow-Blacks are at the top of the standings, he replied that they do not even know how they did it. “They do not even know that they are first”, the Polish striker said characteristically about the team of Akis Mantzios and then spoke about his relationship with Olaf Rebe, the departure of his friend Miroslav Stoch from PAOK, but also about Andrija Zivkovic, who came to the team of Thessaloniki this year. In detail, what he said: About the fact that Aris is in the first place in the standings and how he can explain his course: “I suspect that they can not either. There have been many changes in their team and from what I have heard many Mars players have been infected with the coronavirus. Therefore, being at the top is a surprise, although I think that will change soon. “On Ferreira’s departure:” Some rumors were circulating that he was leaving, because the Greek media criticized him for what was happening in the team. Before the match against Granada, the coach told us that only this game matters, so I suspected that he would say goodbye to us. He went to Palmeiras, with a transfer. With the new coach I played in the starting lineup and scored a goal against Panetolikos on Sunday. I believe that the previous one did not treat me well, especially during the quarantine. I trained very well for 1.5 years and I did not have time to rest. First there was the EURO U21, after the winter I had preparations before my transfer to PAOK and the last summer break due to the virus, lasted only a week. In quarantine I had two workouts a day plus jogging as well as a gym. There was also an injury at the beginning of the season. I did not complain despite the fact that I did not play much, although when I entered the field I gave the team something positive “. About the lockdown and the situation in Thessaloniki:” I leave home later than usual, but I will not be late for training because there is no traffic jam in Thessaloniki. It was a nightmare to get anywhere, but now the roads are almost empty. Thessaloniki is the only city in Greece that has entered a lockdown, yesterday 600 new cases were identified and about 2,000 throughout Greece. This shows the scale. Cafes and restaurants only operate for take away. For the Greeks, closing the cafe is a real blow. Drinking coffee outdoors, eating together, is a must-have at the time of day. In the locker room, my teammates and I joke that before the lockdown started, thousands of people took to the streets and it was like New Year’s Eve. Many stores only sell products online. Fortunately, the process for me has not changed and my son has no problem, we wake up every morning at 7 ″. For the birth of his son: “Sure, it changed my life but for the better! The feelings associated with his birth, the first months with him and his wife, are indescribable. Even five days away from home, like the last time we went to the Europa League match against Granada and immediately after we had the league match, I woke up longing to see my son. Antos was born in Greece, but has already been to Poland twice, although the bureaucracy due to the pandemic did not allow him to stay in Poland for a long time. “How Greek fans live The fact that the games are played in empty stadiums “The thirst of the people to support us is enormous. We saw it better before and after the matches in the Champions League qualifiers. They accompany us from the hotel to the stadium and after the victory against Benfica, the city θηκε went crazy. It was a beautiful moment of joy in this difficult situation for the city. Thousands of fans with cars and motorbikes accompanied us to the stadium. In the morning, before the match with Omonia for the Europa League, there was information that they will be able to watch the match on the field with the presence of 10% on the stands. Then the situation with the corona was better than today, but in the afternoon of the same day the prime minister announced that the games will continue to be played without people. 10% may not be too much, but it would always be something different, since we have a very fanatical audience “For the assumption of the technical leadership of PAOK by Pablo Garcia:” He was in the Youth team and together with Miroslav Schnautsner, made an incredible feat, as their team did not lose a single match for three years! In addition, this duo did not always have the opportunity to use the best players of K19 because some excellent players came to the big team. It will be important for me to work with a coach like Garcia and Schnauzner. On the first day of his stay in Thessaloniki, we went for coffee together and he helped me adjust. The cooperation with the first team of PAOK is an excellent opportunity for him “. On whether there are cases of coronavirus in PAOK:” We had two cases, but our colleagues were immediately quarantined, We are constantly testing. They take a sample from the throat and sometimes from our nose. “About the exclusion from Krasnodar:” There were good chances of qualifying. It is true that it was very difficult for us to play in Russia, but we could have done a better result. We lost 2-1 and in the rematch, we lost the victory – qualification due to our own mistakes “. About whether the goal is to win the championship:” Of course! “. For what changes that Olaf Rebe brought to PAOK:” They have a lot has changed since he started working for PAOK. Among other things, we have a compulsory breakfast and lunch in the group, so that we can spend more time together. Also, the training is more intense now. “About the departure of Miroslav Stoch and his teammates with whom he hangs out:” Yes, during the summer Miro terminated his contract, but I have contacts with him. Today we are a group of 5-6 people who spend a lot of time together, playing the UNO card game, although we joke that we play the Austrian version of the game, because most of the time Murg and Swab, who both came from Rapid, participate. Βιέννης. Christos Tzolis and Andrija Zivkovic complete the team. “For Andrija Zivkovic and the goal he scored in the game with Benfica:” I do not know how Benfica could let such a good player go. In the game against them, no Benfica player came close to Andrija’s level, although he played only 20 minutes. A great footballer, great with his left foot. 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