UEFA is against a European Super League

UEFA reiterated its opposition this morning to a plan to create a European Super League. UEFA President Alexander Chafferin “has made it clear on several occasions that UEFA is strongly opposed to a Super League,” a European Union official said in response to a question from the French government. It is recalled that Bartomeu announced after his resignation last night that Barcelona accepted the offer to participate in a new European championship called the European Super League, formalizing the existence of a plan for a closed or semi-open league. for the big European clubs. This old idea, which would allow major European clubs to reduce their sporting risks and share the “pie” of television rights, is in direct competition with the UEFA-sponsored Champions League and Europa League based on meritocracy and European qualification. through the national championships. “The principles of solidarity, promotion, relegation and open leagues are non-negotiable. This is what makes European football work and the Champions League is the best sporting event in the world, “UEFA replied. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news.

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