Uber defeats drivers in California referendum

In a referendum held in parallel with the presidential election, the people of California approved a proposal according to which the drivers of Uber and other similar services will no longer be considered employees but independent contractors – a victory of Internet companies over trade unions. The measure, known as Proposal 22, overturns the labor law of 2019, according to which workers in the so-called gig-economy are considered employees and must enjoy the same rights as salaried employees. According to the BBC, the result of the referendum strengthened the share of Uber by 15% on Wednesday morning, while Lyft, another route sharing company, saw its share increase in value by 13%. Both companies had threatened either withdraw from the state of California, or drastically reduce the number of drivers, if not for Proposal 22. Uber, Lyft et al. Delivery companies such as DoorDash and Instacar pushed for the overthrow of the current regime with a € 205 million campaign, a record for the state. Proposal 22 ads aired on TV as well as in car-calling applications. The unions, on the other hand, managed to raise about $ 20 million for their campaign. overtime leave and sick leave pay Health insurance Unemployment benefit in the event of dismissal. “Today, California voters agreed that instead of abolishing self-employment, we should do better.” The final proposal, however, was a compromise. It provides a minimum salary equal to 120% of the minimum wage and guarantees health and accident insurance for drivers. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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