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The festivities will stop, everyday life is difficult, the coronavirus breaks one record after another. The analyzes will last a little longer, the issue is inexhaustible. And vigilance will last until January 20, as long as Trump is still president, that is, he can do damage. Two rhetorical questions remain. If there had not been a pandemic, would Biden have been elected? If the Democratic Party had chosen another candidate, would we have gotten rid of Trump? The answer to the first question is probably no. As disastrous as the last four years have been in our eyes, the numbers of the economy before the bad happened were favorable for the outgoing president. Trump could even manage the economic consequences of the pandemic: “The Chinese are to blame, not me.” The colossal, almost incomprehensible, mistake was that he underestimated the lethal power of the coronavirus and invested in the herd immunity. The Americans were dying like ants and he insisted that the protection measures were too much and the virus would go away on its own. However, the well-known German-American analyst Yasa Monk has a different approach. Citing polls in recent months, he says most voters have shown an unexpected generosity towards Trump in managing the pandemic. What they did not forgive him for was his intransigence on the racial issue. His attempt to exploit the brutal assassination of George Floyd resulted in the abandonment of many of those who voted for him in 2016. So Biden owes his victory to a Chinese virus and a young black witness? No. His personality, instinct and choices played a decisive role. The slogan he had adopted since the beginning of 2019 for the restoration of the “American soul” may sound a little religious, but it proved convincing. Unlike his opponents in the by-elections, who had a pessimistic political rhetoric, he avoided engaging in cultural wars and based his campaign on arguing that defeating an opponent who invests in the low instincts of the population is enough to be a good man. His decision to choose a black, younger, and just as realistic candidate for the presidency in August as his senator: Kamala Harris, was also wise. The leading duo that demanded the vote of the American people was balanced, moderate, progressive, and oriented not for one, but two four years. The recipe proved to be victorious. Whatever we say about the pathogenesis of American democracy, it is certain that a record number of voters went to the polls peacefully and decided by a large majority to put an end to shame and fear. Trump is alive – but just received a slap in the face. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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