Turkey: Citizens live on 300 euros – They are deprived of basic goods and Erdogan distributes them … tea

At a time when rating agencies are ringing the bell in the Turkish economy, Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to be indifferent and in the same way it seems that “there is money” for new equipment and orders for S400 missiles. Inflation in Turkey reached 11.75% in September, with analysts claiming that real inflation is three times higher. At the same time, the Sultan is handing out Tea to those who say they can no longer even buy bread. 4.5 Turkish lira this year 80% increase 1kg onions cost 2 Turkish lira 1 kg last year 3 kg Turkish lira this year 50% increase Turkish wages gnawed The minimum wage in Turkey can be increased by a few Turkish lira It is so big that it has really gnawed on the salary of the Turks. The minimum salary of the Turks in euros from € 409 was reduced to € 323, making imported products banned for Turkish consumers. As a result of the constant appreciation of goods and services, it is reasonable that popular discontent is growing. previous days. “Every rich son of the homeland must go to the nearest bakery, buy bread and hang it outside for the poor. “No one sleeps as long as their neighbor is hungry.” 200 grams of bread in Turkey in 2019 cost 1.25 pounds while this year it costs 1.5 pounds which means a 20% increase. With the opposition saying that Bahceli’s campaign “hang a bread “is the confession of the economic crisis”. The sultan receives another cuff as one Arab after another begins to send messages that Turkish products are not welcome in their countries. The first major company to officially take a stand was the Spanish company Mango clothing. The chain, which has 50 stores in Saudi Arabia, has informed its Turkish partners, according to a Financial Times article, that it will “look for alternatives” to products sewn in Turkey. Under the 8 8 barrier per dollar in Turkish currencyIn a new historical low, the Turkish currency, which for the first time in history broke the barrier of 8 pounds per dollar. Respectively, the euro exchange rate is formed at 9.48 pounds with the Turkish currency falling in the first hours of the week by 0.43% against the common European currency. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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