Tsipras with representatives of catering: Danger for thousands of padlocks and armies of unemployed – Take support measures

Alexis Tsipras, the representatives of the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurants and Related Professions (POESE) and representatives of the catering industry from all over Greece, underlined the risk of thousands of business locks in catering and, consequently, thousands of jobs that will be lost. The meeting discussed the support measures requested by the catering industry from the government, with the president of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance emphasizing that there is a possibility to implement them, noting that this is not micropolitics but a fair request and response to the needs of a large sector of the Greek economy. Tsipras’s proposals for catering ». He pointed out that since March he has repeatedly talked with them, visited many companies, talked to professionals in the field of catering, young and old “and it is self-evident that when in a company for 2.5 months you are completely unable to operate, “They reopen with very big problems and a very big reduction in demand and then close again, one realizes that we are facing a very big impasse.” away, to emphasize that “we must realize that we are facing the risk of many thousands of padlocks in small and medium-sized enterprises and tens of thousands of jobs that will be lost.” at the moment is to make the decision for a non-repayable advance, ie subsidy-aid of all of catering businesses. “We say the criteria based on the jobs, depending on the number of employees you retain to be eligible for a subsidy, we have been proposing a non-refundable subsidy of 2,000 euros per employee since March so that the business world can stand,” he said. The financial plan should be prepared based on the unfavorable scenario ” . After that, he stressed that in addition to the necessary subsidy, today it is necessary to have substantial support of labor costs to those who have been universally closed, ie to cover 100% of the salary and insurance costs, of those who operate with 40% of the salary and 100 % the insurance cost. Regarding the crucial issue of rents, the proposal is to follow here what is happening in Italy, as he said, where the state subsidizes a percentage of the rent, 40%. He commented that even 40% for the businessman whose business is completely closed is not a solution. “These must be done immediately”, Mr. Tsipras underlined. He stressed that “there is a possibility that they can be done, we are neither in the context of budget constraints nor we have a goal of surplus – the EU just says’ spend what is needed to maintain health and financial stability” – there is the possibility of using money from NSRF, the country borrows at a low interest rate thanks to the ECB and its emergency program, and as far as we all know, there are 37 billion in the funds, that is, mercy “. The leader of the official opposition reiterated the belief of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance that “there should be immediate support” and stressed that this “is a fair request, this is not a micro-policy, it is a response to the needs of a large sector of the Greek economy, and will “I will say it in Parliament on Friday.” On liquidity, he commented that he prefers to listen to them and ask them questions, as, as he commented, all summer he visited islands and talked to small and medium-sized businesses, especially in catering. I did not find a man to tell me that he has taken money and I wonder where they went “. He added that he did not want to deny it. and to question everything that sounds like they were given, “but I wonder where that money went.” He said that seeing an analysis of the BoG he saw that out of the 56 billion liquidity that Greek banks currently have more than they had in 2019, they have given 10 to businesses and 50% of them have gone to 5 business groups . This means, he stressed, that “ultimately those who can prove that they have no problem are lent, while those in need do not have access to liquidity.” POESE: Tragic situation for the focus George Kavvathas, in his capacity as president of POESE , noted that “the catering industry has suffered the suffering of the first cycle of 2.5 months with huge consequences” and that regarding the continuation of the restart, “according to the official data of ELSTAT, the m.o. turnover is 57% “. He added that “there are parts of the industry that have a reduction that can exceed 90%”. He pointed out that “since August 10, we are in the process of restrictive measures in the middle of the” tourist season “with huge implications for the operation of businesses. “60% and more of the industry is currently in the lockdown process because Attica and Thessaloniki alone have about 40,000 and more companies.” visible in the near future “. “I do not know,” he said, “whether many companies will be able to reopen after the lockdown ends, but in any case the risk that 3 out of 10 companies will not be able to open or close after the lockdown is now visible.” He described the measures announced by the government as “even inferior to the measures we had in March-April”. He spoke of squandering resources, explaining that if 30% of the industry were lost, we would be talking about at least 100,000-200,000 unemployed and that “if the government had listened to us and subsidized 100% of the cost of insurance, it was less than what it spends today. ” That is, he said, at a salary of 1,000 euros the insurance cost is 350 euros and today gives 534 in suspensions plus the premiums paid by the state, “so the planning is wrong.” The president of POESE stressed the need for at least five central immediate measures for the industry. First, a special non-refundable advance program with a minimum payment per company – in the smallest company – 5,000 euros. Second, 100% of the insurance contributions for the next half. Third, “rents, which are huge costs for businesses, because a 40% reduction can help the industry if it is valid for six months.” Fourth, “debt arrangements. It should be done for all the debts that were created during the pandemic “. Fifth, exemption from fees (occupation of sidewalks and squares) and municipal fees to local authorities. “These are 5 requests that we ask the government to satisfy us, not to be able to win but to survive,” he said. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in the

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