Trump or Biden: Who are key industry players betting on?

Donald Trump’s economic policy from his great asset has turned into a thorn in the side of threatening his re-election. The people of the market and the economy now seem to trust the Biden-Harris duo more. If former Vice President Joe Biden wins the battle for the US presidency – a task that is by no means easy given the results so far – his commitments to change him In the US business world, from stricter vehicle emissions regulations to actions that will help lower prescription drug prices. If Trump secures a second term in the White House, a battle over car emissions in California is expected. What will happen to six critical industries? Biden, the car industry can and But the auto industry could also have more help in the transition to electric vehicles if Biden fulfills his commitments to provide tax incentives for electric vehicles and finance infrastructure. Automakers could also face particularly high fines for failing to comply with fuel efficiency rules. The Trump administration has reduced those fines, with industry saying it has saved at least $ 1 billion in annual compliance costs. however, it has promised new fiscal incentives – policy measures that automakers have long advocated. Instead, a re-election of Trump will leave the US auto industry at the crossroads of a climate war between Washington and the state of California. The state is expected to save billions in compliance costs based on Trump’s emissions approach. But the conflict with California over emissions and electric vehicles has divided the auto industry. During his first term, Trump pushed the Detroit auto industry to increase investment in the United States, attacking General Motors Co. and Ford. for decisions to close plants or invest in China and Mexico. Trump has at times threatened German carmakers with tariffs. Its tariffs on steel and aluminum have increased costs for the US auto industry. Technology Biden’s victory is not expected to break the regulatory cloud over the tech giants, with some Democrats wanting to go one step further than his government Trump’s scrutiny of practices at Google, Alphabet, Apple, and Facebook. But tech companies have many friends among Biden’s advisers – including Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris – and will fight hard. to soften any new legislation. Major changes for the technology industry could come in terms of China and trade policy. The fate of the Chinese TikTok – if not sealed before the day of the swearing-in – could be a first test of Biden’s approach. Technology companies believe the Biden administration will take a less confrontational approach than Trump , which has imposed sanctions on numerous Chinese technology companies and has pushed for the severance of many of the long-standing ties between the US and Chinese technology industries. However, few analysts expect a quick return to warm relations between Washington and Beijing. Many Democrats believe that China’s technology industry has been unfairly favored by a protected domestic market, state subsidies and economic espionage, which Technology companies are expected to benefit from easing Trump-era restrictions on migrant workers. But a Biden victory is almost certain to mean a bigger tax burden: technology companies are more likely to benefit from lowering Trump-era restrictions on migrant workers. among those favored by Trump’s cut in corporate tax rates, which Biden is expected to reverse, at least in part. If Trump stays in the White House, big tech companies will face increasing pressure from regulators. in antitrust issues. The Trump administration has already filed a lawsuit against Alphabet Google, while a similar move is expected against Facebook. PharmaceuticalsThe pharmaceutical industry has spent millions in lobbying and campaign rallies to counter Congress’ attempt to cut drug prices in the United States, a possibility that would become more likely if Biden is elected. Biden has pledged to cut drugs and allow Medicare, the U.S. government health insurance program, to negotiate drug prices. It has the support of Democrats in Congress to pass this bill, which according to the Congressional Budget Office will cost the industry more than $ 300. Another critical milestone for the industry is Biden’s promise to extend health insurance coverage to more Americans through a government-managed insurance option that can enable more people to buy medicines, thus boosting demand for the products Trump has been a vocal critic of high drug prices, but experts say the pharmaceutical industry is likely to do better in a second term than if Joe Biden wins the election. a series of executive decrees aimed at reducing drug prices during his first term, but experts say they have had little effect in practice. Mining A Biden victory is likely to mean an increase in domestic production of lithium, copper and other metals used in electric vehicles, solar panels and other products critical to its environmental design. However, where such mines will be developed and how large will be a major point of contention within a new Biden administration, with his climate plan seemingly at odds with his efforts to boost the US manufacturing sector. If re-elected, Trump is expected to continue to narrow the regulatory framework. Trump in the mining industry and reduce the licensing process as part of a broader effort to boost domestic production of minerals used in a range of products such as electronics and weapons. Trump signed several presidential decrees during his first term soils and other minerals of national importance or security, ordering the Pentagon to financially support new projects. The US has only one rare earth mine, although the country relies on China to process it. A second term of Trump could lead to a number of new domestic rare earth mines in the country as well as new processing equipment from Rare Element Resources and other companies. However, there is at least one mining project in jeopardy in a new term. Trump. The Pebble Mine project in Alaska, a huge copper and gold deposit in Bristol Bay, has been criticized by Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson, who have said the mine will be destroyed. media outlets may see their audience shrink if voters choose Democratic nominee Joe Biden, a politician whose term so far suggests he is less likely to break away from the presidency. In relation to Donald Trump, Biden, who was first elected to the US Senate in 1972, has not made headlines as often as Trump. He is less inflammatory than Trump and has so far not used social media as much to attack opponents or republish baseless theories as Trump. Yet even if a Biden presidency means a return to normalcy in politics, without the uncertainty that has plagued most of the last four years, Trump can still be the first news, through possible legal conflicts or commentary. In any case, the crises facing the country on other fronts will continue to determine the course of news organizations regardless of who wins the election. As a COVID-19 vaccine is generally not expected to be available in the US until mid-2021, Americans are likely to continue living with travel and other restrictions – staying at home and seeking media information about what The benefits for the media are given if Trump secures four more years in the White House, based on the demand for television, print and digital news coverage after his election in 2016. Retail / Commerce US President Trump has imposed 370 tariffs $ 1 billion in products imported from China as part of its “America First” agenda. These tariffs on products range from handbags to small electronics and are estimated to have cost U.S. import companies about $ 61.6 billion. by the beginning of September, according to the Customs Authority, and are considered to have eroded the competitiveness of the of American processing. Retailers say the tariffs will lead to higher prices for consumers and job losses. “If Biden wins, we expect him to seek to re-evaluate the current trading strategy,” said Jonathan Gold, vice president According to him, retailers need a trade policy that offers certainty and stability as they design their supply chains to meet the needs of their customers at a time when COVID-19 is creating more uncertainty. Jonathan Gold, on the other hand, notes, “If Trump wins, he will see the election as a validation of his trade policy strategy, including the use of tariffs, and he will certainly continue to follow that strategy with China.” in Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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