Tourism: What Theocharis said about the “fez” of TUI to the Greek hoteliers

The three agreements of Greece for cooperation in Cruise Tourism with Egypt and Cyprus, for cooperation in the field of Tourism with Portugal and for cooperation in the field of Tourism with Kazakhstan were ratified by a large majority by the plenary session of the Parliament. The three agreements were voted for by ND, SYRIZA-PS, Movement for Change and MERA25. The KKE voted against, while the Hellenic Solution voted in favor of the first two and voted against the agreement with Kazakhstan. Reactions to tourism agreements Specifically, the KKE spokesman Chr. Katsotis said that the bourgeois parties serve the interests of large business groups in the field of tourism. “SYRIZA is now surprised by TUI’s stance while referring to it when it was a government to promote its success in tourism,” said Mr. Katsotis. The workers of the contracting countries have nothing to gain from these agreements, stressed the KKE MP. On behalf of the Greek Solution, V. Billiardos said that the agreement with Kazakhstan has nothing to offer to Greek tourism, and that the country it maintains friendly relations with Turkey, which is training its army. He also called on the Minister of Tourism to address the issue of German TUI payments to Greek hoteliers. They enrich the tourism product Closing the discussion, the Minister of Tourism Haris Theocharis noted that the three agreements enrich the tourism product of Greece which multiple sectors. “We do not have the luxury of leaving any (tourist) product aside, whether it is a more massive product or a higher income level, etc.” and should be done (cooperation) especially with countries with which we do not have agreement and concurrence of views in other fields. He even noted that many countries come to us for know-how, and when we do that we build a momentum that may be useful in the future. Specifically for the cruise agreement with Egypt and Cyprus, he said that it promotes cooperation in our neighborhood, in the eastern Mediterranean, especially at this time. We raise the issue of “Tui” payments at every opportunity. the Minister of Tourism said that these are obviously private agreements. A minister cannot intervene in agreements between two companies, however, “at every opportunity for discussion we raise the issues of payments, of – in our view – abuse (put as many quotes as you want) of a dominant position, and we have the feeling that in some to the extent that any procedures are listened to and improved, for the sake of the Greek hotel. And that’s the maximum one could do. In other words, we are present and not absent “stressed Mr. Theocharis. For 2021, Mr. Theocharis said that someone should and deserves to come” twice to our country, not only for the beauty of the sun and the sea, but also for the historical significance “of 200 years from 1821. Finally, for those who say that Greek tourism has collapsed, he said that what” collapsed is the old-party narrative “and that” those who put up with Greek tourism lose, fortunately for the Greek people “. Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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