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Performance in math depends in part on the student’s psychology, according to new research from scientists. Reminding students of math problems they have already solved is a key factor in boosting their self-confidence and therefore to improve their math performance, according to scientists at the University of South Australia. Psychological aspects and math In a study of more than 4,200 children, the results of which were published in the Australian Journal of Education. “Many of us are very likely to have experienced symptoms of mathematical stress – a sense of panic or even feelings of failure, psychological states that are linked to stress.” noted in relevant statements the researcher and “Stress about math is actually exactly the same as what we feel in other situations in our lives,” said Florence Gabriel, head of the publication. To explore how psychological parameters relate to performance in math, The researchers asked students to complete questionnaires, the questions of which were intended to assess whether students believe that mathematics is useful for later life, whether they are confident that they can solve mathematical problems or the extent to which they can “Breaking” the vicious circle The results of the research showed that in terms of performance in mathematics there is a domino effect between psychological states, ie the existence of one state is very likely to bring about the emergence of another. So the notion that math is not needed in later life or the feeling of a student that “they are not good” in mathematics lead to a state of stress, which in turn affects the performance of students in mathematics. What solution do researchers suggest? “By developing a student’s ability to retrieve cases in which he has managed to solve mathematical problems, we help to break the vicious cycle of stress towards this subject,” the scientists note, concluding that “in this way we create more chances for students to accept and get a closer relationship with math. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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