Tolkien: A new book on Middle-earth is coming this summer

An unpublished collection of essays by the British author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings will be released in the summer of 2021. Are the elves reincarnated? Which characters have a beard? In these essays, Tolkien explores a variety of topics and attempts to answer various questions from his Lord of the Rings friends. of Silmarillion, the Endless Stories and the Lord of the Rings “. The publishing house has already published a series of anecdotal works by Tolkien since his death in 1973, according to the Guardian. The novels “The Children of Hurin”, “Beren and Luthien” and “The Fall of Gondolin” have been published in the last decade. , with the trilogy “Lord of the Rings” being published in 1954 and 1955. However, the author and professor of Medieval Literature continued to write analyzes and essays on Middle-earth issues until his death. “For him, Middle-earth was part of a whole world that had to be explored. “The new collection is a real treasure, as it offers readers the opportunity to watch Tolkien discover the mythical universe of his work,” said Harper Collins Editor-in-Chief Chris Smith. after the death of the elves, the nature of the Valar (Middle Eastern spirits), the lands and animals of Numeror, the geography of the kingdom of Godor, and even the importance of the beard in his characters. with anguish the author’s publication and clarifications, as opinions differ as to whether elves, hobbits and dwarf women have hair growth. Tolkien stands out from other writers not only for his writing skills, but also for his attention to detail in his work. He created from scratch functional languages ​​for his characters with a different alphabet for each and autonomous grammar and syntax, while the cultures he invented have separate mythologies and customs.

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