“To you who listen to me” by Loula Anagnostaki at the National Theater

The National Theater opens the curtain of the “Nikos Kourkoulos” Stage with a play by Loula Anagnostaki, one of the most important forms of theatrical writing in our country. The direction and the dramaturgical editing are signed by the award-winning film director, Alexandros Avranas. Case of the project Berlin 2001. The city is on fire with rallies, episodes and violence. In a small room people take part in a fantastic demonstration. Agis, a writer, participates in a forum and suggests to others to speak tentatively. They speak to an imaginary crowd, as if in a general test. They are drawn into this “game” revealing their greatest truths, but also their anguish to survive in a hostile world. could already be considered old, cerebral and highly introverted. Monologues without obvious impact, characters without obvious destination and lack of action are some of the elements that contribute to this. But these only in terms of the surface, because the truth of the work is deep, essential and highly emotional. Her characters are timeless and extremely timely. People who live trapped in the stagnation of a society, on the verge of an era whose future is uncertain. Emotionally frozen, living their personal despair, each in their own way, they struggle to hold on to something in order to continue. At this critical moment, where everything is a matter of life and death, Anagnostaki’s characters are confronted with the reality of the viewer. With the reality of a society where political ideologies and the concept of revolution seem to be already shadows of the past. Now, everything is a matter of survival and everyone has to face their own frozen truth, their own defeat and their own vital lie. The characters of the show definitely choose to be kept from their vital lie. They adopt masks and attitudes that they believe are socially acceptable, thus hiding their despair, their dead feelings and their vain hopes. In fact, they think that this way they will stop being losers. They even reach the limits of melodramatics to achieve this – and yet the moment comes when the truth shatters everything they so vainly fight to protect, before finally collapsing and being stripped naked. Then, their despair transforms into anger, hatred and an abysmal need for power, thus leading them for the first time to a deep emotion, to their truth. Only this truth is hard and relentless, since it has already revealed that their weakness is what will finally unite them, bring them closer. All together against anything that will upset their vital lie, the so-called dreams and the false need for communication. Unfortunately, however, we live in an age in which the weak in unity are the ones who define today’s reality, a reality that will soon have to change if this society wants to survive and not be thrown to death like the Wisdom of work .Taftotita parastasisSkinothesia – Dramaturgy: Alexander AvranasSkinika, costumes: Elli PapageorgakopoulouChorografia: Amalia BenetFotismoi: Olympia MytilinaiouMousiki: Theodore RegklisSound design: Costas Varympompiotis, BougioukosVoithos director Nikos Nikitas AnastopoulosVoithos set designer Sotiris MelanosVoithos costume Designer: Gina IliopoulouDianomi (in alphabetical order): Stathis koikikon , Lambros Ktenavos, Alexandros Mavropoulos, Michalis Moulakakis, George Biniaris, Aglaia Pappa, Areti Paschali, Xenia Pavlopoulou, Eleni Roussinou, George Stamou. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the latest news from Greece in the

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