Thirty-three and a half years

On the one hand, the millions of pandemic deaths and the titanic efforts of doctors to keep the health system afloat. On the other hand, the insistence of some political forces to carry out a march for the Polytechnic in these conditions, the controversies over the constitutionality of the ban on rallies, the “inspection” of the MAT by the “Polakis of New Democracy”. This is the big picture. But sometimes it is worth focusing on the small picture. Not because its protagonists influence history with a capital yoke – they have neither the intention nor the power to do so. But because an everyday story can provide food for conclusions about the style of the people and the ethos of power. Or the ethos of the people and the style of power. Julian Barnes’ “Achos of the Age,” for example, can give you more information about the Stalinist regime than a hundred history books. , with the advent of private radio in Greece. And it was a diamond (believe me: I listened to it almost every weekend). It was not just for classical music lovers or experts. It touched the ignorant par excellence. The modesty, the knowledge, the warm voice and the passion of the presenter fixed you and made you happy. The man went to the studio even at Christmas! It is not surprising, then, that the audience of his show was ten times higher than the average of the station. The day before yesterday morning, obviously charged, Kanellopoulos informed his listeners that his show was stopping. Not because he was bored or tired. Nor because he ruined it with the money management. In fact he did not know the reason. All he knew was a phone call he had received the day before. And he announced the end. After 33 and a half years. I did not believe him. I contacted the director of the station, Margarita Mytilineou, who confirmed to me – in the first singular – that she considers that the show has closed its cycle and will be replaced by another, “with similar content and equally great love for classical music”. He also clarified to me that the graduation phone call was not made on Saturday, but on Wednesday. More than the facts, people continue to surprise me. Their obsessions, their cynicism, their invisible self-confidence. I have the absolute certainty that when the time comes, I will leave this newspaper in the most civilized way. But again: if they treated Nikos Kanellopoulos like that, anything can happen. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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