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The Champions League has started, the Europa League has started, the Euroleague of basketball has started, but the question is whether these tournaments will be completed. It’s not easy to predict. UEFA has changed the format of the Champions League a bit – of course not by accident. What is the big change? It is up to the teams to give “three plus three” consecutive matches in the group stage, with a break of fifteen days: I remind you that last year the matches were not consecutive – there was one every two weeks. Why did this happen? First to complete the group stage faster. And secondly, because the interruption period (fifteen days) allows any asymptomatic football player who will be revealed to be a carrier of the virus to enter and leave the quarantine, but also to make well anyone who has been mildly ill. At UEFA, they believe that the athletes do not face any serious danger and that the rosters of the teams are large enough for the coaches to replace players with problems. Both UEFA and Euroleague competitions have a number of available players available so that games can be played: the issue is not how many sick players there are, but how many are available. How many in the Champions League and Europa League do you play if you have 13 available players? and among them there is a goalkeeper. You play in the Euroleague if you have at least eight available players. With less available you lose the match on paper. In the Euroleague, some matches have already been canceled. There are no more than 14 players in each team and staying with a team of seven is not difficult. Because the cancellations were enough, it was decided to amend the relevant regulation and rightly so: the matches that did not take place will take place soon – the formal decision is expected. In UEFA competitions (and given that the players listed in the relevant lists are over 25) it is difficult to cancel matches and be judged on paper. But we just started. Anxiety Are these the only problems? I wish it was! UEFA’s biggest concern, in particular, is the rising number of cases in Europe causing airports or even borders to be closed again in a number of countries. “UEFA has so much money that it can cover the full cost of travel, but it can not do anything if travel is banned or if there are restrictions and quarantines on travelers again,” a man who told the Champions League draw this year will logically lose his sleep, namely the head of European events Giorgio Marketti. A flight restriction can obviously cripple any planning. And the resumption of the quarantine of travelers, where it has been decided, works without exception. When Pep Guardiola returned to England from Catalonia last September, he stayed home for fifteen days and the training of Manchester City was done by his assistants. As for the ease of cancellation of flights, this is not theoretical either: a recent decision by the Napoli Region to close the city airport for one day caused the postponement of the home team’s match with Juventus. Euroleague test should have seen the organizational format again. For the first time this year, the so-called “devil week” arose, ie the need to hold two games in the same week, it became clear that in some countries even the necessary tests can not be done on players: in some cities in France, for example, because the daily tests are thousands, the results do not come out on the same day. This is how the first evil happened: an American basketball player from Villeurbanne, Norris Cole, started playing in a match and was warned to leave the field, because the test results that arrived late showed that he was asymptomatic. He left but in the meantime he had managed to stick everyone! Villeurbanne did not play in the Euroleague (one of its games that was canceled was against Panathinaikos…) and the French government is considering suspending the French basketball league. Postponements of Euro 2020, ie those that were postponed last year. This year, the extension of its competitions (but also of the national championships) in July and August seems impossible as a second postponement of the Euro finals would be a disaster – in 2022, the Qatar World Cup must also take place. I asked a European official if there is a plan in case we have any surprises. His answer was “we do not want to even think about it”. I do not blame him. The trips were many, since the footballers did not only travel with their national teams, but also to integrate into them. His Excellency, Cristiano Ronaldo, fell ill, which shows that the coronavirus does not discriminate: even the most careful professionals can get sick. There is also a big problem with players traveling to African countries where security measures are minimal: Olympiacos paid for it by losing Mandy Kamaras. Of course in basketball everything is more difficult. The statement of FIBA ​​organizer Patrick Komninou that “it is better not to start an event than not to know if it will continue” is a nail in the Euroleague, but it also reflects the reality. Reliability events. Are matches allowed in the same event in completely different conditions? Efes coach Ergin Ataman lost them when he saw five thousand spectators at the Zalgiris stadium, while in Turkey no one enters the indoor stadiums. In Kiev, in the match Dinamo Kiev – Juventus there were thirty thousand spectators, while in the rematch there will be a thousand – as many as the Italians allow. UEFA and the Euroleague, however, stress that it is normal for people to go to the stadiums: they can not even urge governments to decide that matches should be played behind closed doors. They do not miss the fact that in England and Germany fan movements are collecting signatures to reopen the stadiums. Even though it has been proven that last year Bergamo paid dearly for Atalanta – Valencia which was crowded, while the coronavirus was already reaping… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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