They put their hands up and rolled their eyes

The drastic change of the selection process of the football judicial bodies is legitimized today by the Minister of Justice, Mr. Tsiaras, amending, as he has the right, the relevant provisions of the Kontoni law. According to the ongoing amendment of the law, the EPO. will obligatorily appoint to the football courts the judges who will select with their own procedures, the administrative bodies of the regular justice, ie the administration of the Court of First Instance and the corresponding one of the Athens Court of Appeal. The role of “the last hole of the flute” remains, as the primary responsibility for the appointment of the judiciary now belongs to the judiciary and to procedures that the Federation can neither influence nor, much more, control. The development is very logical . In essence, we are talking about a normal institutional suicide of the EPO. and the overt and covert bosses who manage it. The reason? They alone led the developments to the utmost disrepute and devalued the procedures for the election of the members of the judiciary by the General Assembly of the Federation, thus making the institutional intervention of the government one way, in order to remove, in a completely inelegant way, the right of The supremacy and subordination of Greek football. that took place, without a trace of a chip, on 09.10.2020 in Thessaloniki was the drop that overflowed the glass and caused the state intervention, in order to save the prestige of the judges – candidates for election. Everyone knows the results of the electoral process for the formation of the Appeals Committee, regardless of how it ended up n And yet, there are worse examples, from the set up and fully controlled and guided, by hand Giannaki and Maki with papers on their own, vote for the Appeals Committee. I present to you the results of the vote for the list of alternate members of the Disciplinary Committee of the EPO held on the same day, in the same place and in the same constituency: Candidates: Fifteen. Voted: 57, Valid: 52 Received: Pollakis Elias (41 votes), Agellidis Eleftherios (40), Spyrakos Konstantinos (38), Kokkinaki Kyriaki (38) followed by the absolute disgrace of the gang that rules the Vlach presidents ), Stavrou Spyridon (2), Karsiouni Aikaterini (1), Kavvoura Dimitra (1), Deli Victoria (1), Grypari Irini (1), Seretidis Georgios (1), Reppa Dionysia (0), Athanasopoulou Lamprini (0) Anastassopoulou Efstathia (0), Bairaktari Konstantina (0) “after a draw”. Fifty-two (52) Vlach presidents and representatives of PAE. from Evros to Crete and from the Ionian to Rhodes, acting of the caliphs who manage Greek football, “decided”, without knowing any of the candidates, without having the slightest opinion about their value and their path, without having seen them in person, without, yet – yet, having time to read all the names of the candidates, that only four are worth voting with 50% = 1 of the votes, the other eleven are worthy of the extreme electoral disgrace in a historically controlled voting and four of them “are not entitled” to a single vote !!! votes !!!!! That is, if, “according to the flow of events”, the current regular members of the Disciplinary Committee of the EPO. and the first four alternate members, who collected 50% + 1 of the votes on 09.10.2020, resigned from the Disciplinary Committee, which would be composed of first instance judges who received two, one and no, that is, zero votes from the electorate of E .Π.Ο. !!!!! Indeed gentlemen! He would participate in the Disciplinary Committee of EPO. first instance judge with zero votes !!!! This is the absolute, complete, extreme institutional diversion in the process of forming the judicial bodies for which the one and only gang of Greek football that manages the EPO is responsible. and imposes, without any resistance, its wishes on the Federation and its members. The intervention of the government, after that of the comic image, was one way. With this intervention, one of the strongholds of the football Independence Clause is permanently lost, the right of organized football to choose the same, with its own procedures, its disciplinary bodies and the persons who will staff them. Already in the hands of others and the judiciary to decide for themselves the justice itself the famous “football self-government” has become a joke and all the battles in its favor are trench battles with a prescribed result. The consolidation of the Kontonides and all its caliphs managed to humiliate every notion of Independence Clause, to eliminate the last trace of self-government and autonomy. With your healthy lavender, expect the rest !!! Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in

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