Thessaloniki Festival 2020: How will we see films this year

Either it gets dark / or it shines / it stays white / the jasmine. George SeferisCinema in every way, festival in every way. The 61st Thessaloniki Film Festival returns online from November 5 to 15 with independent cinema from around the world, with the latest Greek production, with exciting tributes, with subversive films that will take us to the four corners of the horizon in these unpredictable and unprecedented days since we live. “Since February 2020, our dystopian daily life seems to be in the hands of a science fiction screenwriter. The Film Festival is no exception, but it is a dynamic and resilient institution. As we did in March with the Documentary Festival, whatever happens, the 61st Film Festival will take place. We owe it to the public, to the creators, to the film industry and to our team. Cinema in every way, cinema anywhere to illuminate our days and nights “says the general director of the Thessaloniki Film Festival Eliz Zalando.” By presenting the online version of the Festival we are looking for new theoretical tools for the interpretation of cinema and the arts and of the very reality that surrounds us. We organize artistic activities in the public space of Thessaloniki and we design alternative solutions for each of the next moves of our Festival. “Cinema in every way is a way of love and understanding this year, a way to set some rules above the rules imposed on us by the new coronavirus, a way of reacting to the inverted world we entered” notes the director of the Thessaloniki Film Festival Orestis Andreas The 61st Thessaloniki Film Festival has prepared, instead of a press conference, a video that expresses the times we live in and our hope that the cinema will unite us once again: How do I watch movies? * Go to and follow it TIFF61 ONLINE link. * Create an account if you do not already have one by selecting “Create account” at the top right of the screen. Fill in the name, email and password you want. * Find the movie you are interested in either by searching or by the lists by section that you will find in the main menu. Each movie will be available for a limited number of views. * By selecting to watch a movie, the ticket price (3 €) is displayed and you can enter your card details in order to complete the payment. You also receive confirmation of the transaction via email. You can now watch the movie of your choice! * You can buy your ticket for all screenings regardless of the day, but you can only watch each movie on the day of its online screening. : 00 in the morning and for 24 hours. * You must complete the screening by 10:00 in the morning of the next day. * Stay tuned daily for movie availability. * We will be at your disposal every day from 10.00 to 24.00 via live chat to answer questions and queries. Each movie will be available for limited viewing to users exclusively from Greece. Tickets for online screenings are non-refundable and are not canceled. The program of the Festival, as well as more information about the films, are available at The pre-sale of tickets will start on Tuesday, November 3. Movie and opening video – Closing movie The curtain of the 61st FKTH will open on Thursday, November 5, 2020 with the moving Whale Journey of Philip Yuriev. Before the opening film, watch an original short video, with greetings and wishes from the people of the Festival that you may not see them this time, but will be there at any time during the online 61st Festival. The curtain of the event will fall on Sunday, November 15 2020, with the screening of the film It will not snow again by Mougozata Simovska and Michau Englert. Greek Film FestivalWe welcome to the 61st FKTH 18 feature and 21 short Greek films: 15 films in first screening3 films that have already made a second »2 classic favorite films, universally accessible in their online screenings. The award-winning short films from the recent 43rd Drama Short Film Festival will also be screened. Measures to support Greek cinema The 61st FKTH supports Greek cinema with all its might with two new awards for Greek projects in the Agora, through the Meet the Future action that presents eight up-and-coming directors of Greek film photography, with the Agora Lab for Greek projects , with the participation of six professionals from Greece at Thessaloniki Locarno Industry Academy International and through the closer collaboration with the Drama Short Film Festival. International program * The prism through which the 61st FKTH sees the 12 films of the International Competition is Intimacy, A Modern Tyranny, inspired by the book by the American sociologist Richard Sennett, The Tyranny of Intimacy (published by Nefeli). Three Greek films also participate in the section. These are Christos Nikos ‘Apples, Tzanis Rafailidou’s Kala Azar and George Grigorakis’ Digger. * In the Meet the Neighbors competition section, we see 10 films, including three Greek ones. These are the films Daniel ’16 by Dimitris Koutsiabasakos, All the Pretty Little Horses by Michalis Konstantatos and Fine by Fokion Bogris. This section includes young creators from the region of Southeastern Europe, the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, our large “neighborhood”. * We discover the most dynamic and innovative cinema in Open Horizons, as well as in the section Open Horizons – Another Take. * We present the best Balkan films in Maties in the Balkans. * We meet our favorite creators in Special Screenings. Film Forward. * We meet after midnight in the ‘Round Midnight’ zone. TributesWe watch the most cult, funny, fascinating science fiction films through the big tribute of the 61st Festival entitled “Prophecies from another world: Sci-fi and Cli-fi ( We know the work of the Norwegian creator Ania Bryan, a pioneer of feminist cinema in Scandinavia. to be held online. With ambassador the favorite actress Katia Goulioni, the Market will bring the international professionals in contact with the Greek film community. The FKTH Market, which is supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA program and which is awarded prizes in services and cash prizes, totaling 200,000 euros, will take place online from 6 to 14 November 2020. Awards The films of the International Competition Program are competing for the Golden Alexander – Best Film Award “Theodoros Angelopoulos” (cash prize 15,000 euros), the Silver Alexander – Special Jury Prize (8,000 euros), the Bronze Alexander – Special Jury Prize for the best The Grand Sponsor of the COSMOTE TV Festival supports with a cash prize of 3,000 euros, as well as the Awards for Male and Female Performance and Artistic Achievement or Screenplay. The films of the competition section Meet the Neighbors compete for the Golden Alexander (5,000 euros) Alexandros – Special Jury Prize (3,000 euros) and the Bronze Ale xandro – Special Jury Prize for Best Director. The “Mermaid Award” is given to the best LGBTQI themed film of the official program of the Festival. The Festival also awards: the “Human Values” Award of the Hellenic Parliament, the four Fischer Audience Awards for the films that will get the most viewers’ votes, the awards of the International Film Critics Association – FIPRESCI in the Best International Film Competition best Greek film that premieres at the Festival, the award of the Ioannis F. Costopoulos Foundation in a film of the Greek program that premieres at the Festival, the two ERT awards (one in the Greek film that will win the FIPRESCI award, amounting to 3,000 euros, and one in a Greek project of the Works in Progress department or the Agora Lab, amounting to 2,000 euros), the EKK award for a film by a first-time Greek director or debutant Greek director (amounting to 5,000 euros) and the Best Location Award, which is given by Hellenic Film Commission of EKK amounting to 1,500 euros, the University Student Youth Awards Thessaloniki and the WIFT GR award in a film of the International Competition or Meet the Neighbors for the best female contribution. Exhibitions The exhibition “Intimacy, a modern tyranny” inspired by works of the International Competition will not take place, as originally planned, at MOMus – Experimental Arts Center (Warehouse B1, Port of Thessaloniki). However, you can see representations on tarpaulins in unexpected parts of the city. With “Find the Festival” we make a journey in the unique, complex urban landscape of today. Also, 12 large representations on canvases, will be exhibited on the exterior walls of buildings of the port pier, claiming a place in public space. At the same time, photos from the video installation of George Drivas, Facts of the Future, will be printed on a banner and will be exhibited in the Port, as well as the works of the 12 artists. We are watching the installation at the Former Nursery School, The Glasshouse project by visual artist and photo Rakka. We present a separate visual installation: Olga Sfetsa plans, exclusively for the 61st FKTH, a visual projection (3D projection mapping installation) at the port pier. Meet the directorsFrom Monday 9 to Friday 13 November, meet the directors from sections International Competition, Meet the Neighbors and from the Greek films of the program, through online meetings in the action Directors’ Corner that will be held live on the Festival’s YouTube channel. Movies for children Weekend 7-8 and the weekend of November 14-15 in children and ef from all over Greece to watch them from home, for a limited number of views. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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