Thessaloniki calls Tamora Technologybud

There are two ways to interpret the indifference to the protection measures against the coronavirus of the priests and, in particular, of the hierarchs in Thessaloniki. The first is of faith, the second of reason. they exchanged kisses and handshakes without a mask. (Speaking of which, there is also a practical problem for those with dense and long beards: it is difficult to catch the mask.) Personally, I prefer the second approach to the problem, that of logic, which says the following: the Church does not is it that brings man closer to God? Well, this is one of those times when the promise is in danger of being fulfilled with the above, because it can send you directly to God, not just close to Him! We always hope for the best, but we prepare for the worst. That is why I suggest to the mayor of the city to put forward the procedures for twinning with the beautiful Tamora of Spain! Tamora is indeed a very beautiful city, with exceptional examples of Romanesque architecture. It was, however, the city with the highest death rate during the Spanish flu period: 10.1% in October 1918, when the overall country-wide index was 3.8%. The cause of the sad discrimination, we read in a study published in the scientific journal “Clinical Infectious Diseases” (September 2008, volume 47, issue 5), was the enormous influence of the local bishop, who interpreted the epidemic as God’s scourge for human sins and which shook the world in mass services, processions and overnight. The result was that Tamora took the lead in the expeditions to Paradise. And to higher ones! The situation could not have been more favorable for the Municipality of Athens to award the Gold Medal of the City of Athens to the President Anastasiadis of Cyprus. The relevant ceremony – modest, due to coronavirus – took place yesterday in the amphitheater of Technopolis. As we read in the decision of the municipal council, his medal is awarded “in recognition of his efforts to date for the peaceful reunification of Sister Cyprus, for the benefit of the entire Cypriot people, the retention of the unbreakable and unbreakable Greek Cypriot ties, the stable and human values ​​that unite us, its commitment to the vision of a Europe of solidarity, development and social cohesion and its unwavering commitment to peace and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean and the world (sic), based on its principles With such achievements in his assets, admittedly, he would have deserved the Nobel to President Nikos Anastasiadis, not just the gold (more precisely, the gold-plated…) medal of the Municipality of Athens. Nevertheless, it is certainly gratifying that the city council recognizes, albeit marginally, the international and especially the European dimension of President Anastasiadis’s work, referring to his “commitment to the vision of a Europe of solidarity and development”. The latter, I am sure, would be enthusiastically agreed by the European Commission, which has given Cyprus two months to apologize for the “golden passport” scandal. Perhaps awarding such an enviable honor to President Anastasiadis will help Europeans understand the passport issue as a peculiar effort to spread European values. As an example of the variety of thoughtful adaptations of Hellenism… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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