These ten bookstores will make you a bookworm from the comfort of your own home

The book as a product is hot again – people re-evaluate books and buy them. E-books are good too, but like paper it is not. Certainly, fanatical readers are not affected by quarantines and so on. However, a certain number of potential readers finally sprouted up and decided, in view of the time they managed to find, to read. A few weeks ago, the New York bookstore Strand and the Shakespeare and Company, which has written a huge history in Paris, their physical stores are in danger of closing, they received an unprecedented number of online orders. In Greece, apart from the big bookstores and the well-known chains, there are many small ones that, apart from lockdown, send the books we want to our house, directly and, in most cases, for free. From one end of the country to the other, small bookstores and publishing houses are at our disposal and, if we decide to buy our books from there, we will do a really good thing: we will help these small businesses to stay open, as lungs of knowledge and beauty in the neighborhoods and, of course, not The following ten bookstores are just some of the ones that send to our door the paper treasures we crave: LemonSince 1998 on Iraklidon Street in Thissio, Spyros Xenos’ Lemon is a timeless value. Explore the updated online bookstore on the website In fact, if you are looking for an old or worn out book, it undertakes to help you find it by filling out the relevant form on the site. For purchases over 30 euros, shipping is free within Greece. The Mauricio Cat The children’s bookstore in Pagrati, near the metro Evangelismos announced shortly before the lockdown that it accepts orders for books, activities and games in the following ways: “Write to us message on social media on Facebook as well as on Instagram. Call us at 211 1824881 or email us at “. Why not do it? Pankratians and not, we love this Cat very much. The game and the knowledge never stop! Meow! EvmarosThis cute bookstore in Taurus hosts books of the same name, which come to your door for free. A wide variety of genres, recognized authors, smart choices for children will make you love Evmaros and choose him out of quarantine. You can place your order in the following ways:, fb page Evmaros Publications – Evmaroslibro or by phone at 210 97 08 811 and 6984 91 16 22. In fact, during the previous quarantine, 42 of the authors of publications joined their pens and each wrote a short story, inspired by the unprecedented experience of inclusion. All together, they created a collection of short stories that has already been discussed a lot and continues. This collection was an idea of ​​the active publisher Petros Kakolyris. It can be closed at this time, but it offers us the opportunity to order in the Inbox of its Facebook page, in its mail ( and on the phone 210 9802520 (10am to 2pm every day ). As its owner and author Katerina Malakate promises, “your books will arrive fast (by elta courier), at the best prices (try us) and with free shipping”. BibliothequeWhat is most beautiful in the Exarcheion square is the bookstore that opened before a few years Vassos Georgas. Known for its events and presentations, the “Bibliotheque Library” of Exarcheia will bring your order to your home (in Athens and throughout Greece) on the same day, as long as you contact 210-8223067 or visit Apart from books of her own publications, you will find others, very interesting and some hard to find, while some types of gifts are also available, such as canvas bags and decorations. The showcase has another grace, but we also do our job electronically at the moment. The Purple SquirrelOne of my personal favorite bookstores in the country is located in Karytsi square. He currently accepts orders by phone (6974508022) or through messages, on Instagram, on his Facebook page, but also in the mail Discover books in Purple Squirrel that you may not easily find elsewhere! Pleiades “Nothing can replace the physical bookstore and it would not be desirable,” says Alexandra Bizi, the man behind this puppet bookstore. Through electronic and telephone communication (210-7249604), as well as through its Facebook page (Pleiades Bookstore) we can place our orders. Ungovernable StatesThis publishing effort based in Thessaloniki became better known from the viral photo of the shop window , in view of the announcement of the decision in the Golden Dawn trial: a showcase with books that analyze fascism in order to fight it. During this period we can place orders every day 09.00-15.00 on the phone 2310273207, on the mail and on the messenger of their facebook page. “Understand fascism” .Book and Art “We are a bookstore on the edge of the Aegean. We are George and Valia and we have built a store so you can find what you dream of in books and games “: this is how the owners of this small but special bookstore in Mytilene, which has, in addition to an authentically familiar atmosphere, recommended books for young and old and quality toys. Orders through his e-shop and by phone (, tel. 2251037961, 6955480816). On Words at the phones: 2103388054, 6932394488 and 698982297, on the bookstore page on facebook and at the e-mail: Here you can get very good prices on selected titles, which you will hardly find anywhere else.

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