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On Sunday, November 15, the 4th cycle of the British series The Crown will be available on the Netflix platform. Watching the official trailer of the new cycle and taking the first, original taste, you draw even a quick conclusion: This is the Women’s cycle. Margaret Thatcher and Diana Spencer – the princess Diana or even Lady D. enter the frame next to Elizabeth – probably for the spectator audience of all ages. production covers the period between 1977 and 1990. Let us not skip the dates so easily. They also have their special value. 1977 marks two years since Thatcher took over as Conservative leader, and two years since she won the election and took over as prime minister. So, ’77 is in the middle – he is now the leader of the Conservatives and is preparing to fight the ballot box. Much of the story in the 4th cycle concerns the two ladies – the Queen and the “Iron Lady” – and their deafening conflicts. The “grocer’s daughter” who manages to overtake the men of the “establishment” was not liked in the Courtyard of Her Majesty. Lady Diana will enter two years after the establishment of Margaret Thatcher in Downing Street 10. Her marriage – with all the elements of the folk tale are shown- with the Successor of the Throne it takes place in 1981 and the sequel on the screens… And believe me, the spectacle will be satisfying in every way. the opportunity to see scenes from the honeymoon tour in 1983 in Australia and New Zealand, the war in the Falklands (the archipelago in the South Atlantic) between Great Britain and Argentina in 1982, the episode with the uninvited guest Michael F His Majesty’s private apartments, the funeral of the old Lord Mountbatten with the shock of his assassination but also Diana’s performance in all areas of social life; shower psalm alleluia – next Sunday the 10 new episodes of the 4th cycle will be available on Netflix – 10 new episodes and whoever can stand it!

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