The whole story with Cisse that is absolutely fine

We start with the latest development. Pape Cisse is absolutely fine. He did not suffer any injuries in Heraklion, he will even leave tomorrow to go to his national team and play if his coach chooses. The Senegalese defender, as most of you will have seen, starred in the match between Olympiacos and OFI in “Genti” Koule ». He did not score a goal, but with his madness to play ball and continue to help the team he stole the show. The moment that the doctor of Olympiakos says to make a change, because obviously the doctor is afraid that Cisse has suffered a severe knee injury, and the Senegalese refuses, entering on his own to continue the match, went έγινε viral. Cisse was finally justified for his persistence as it turned out that after the end of the match he is absolutely fine and will be with the Senegalese national team from tomorrow. Why was this justified fear by the Olympic doctor Christos Theo? Because when Cisse kicked him badly, he screamed in fear. The coach of Olympiacos, Christos Mourikis, saw him up close and he was also afraid of the worst. Cisse, however, as it turned out, was not injured because he did not stick his foot but slipped from the slippery field. For this reason, by standing up and stepping on his foot, he showed the certainty that he was not injured, going against the doctor’s, justified, urging. The truth is that everyone was surprised by Cisse’s move to enter the match again directly at the time. Martins decided to see him then press well on the pitch to let him continue with Hassan’s goal coming a little later and giving Cisse a chance to say goodbye to the doctor, Karebe. but also Martins. “Do not risk injury,” Martins told him, with Cisse answering the Portuguese coach and Karebe, as well as the doctor who was anxious that he had absolutely nothing, no problems or pain. Cisse continued to play without the slightest inconvenience and after the end of the match it was absolutely confirmed that he has no problem. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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