The Vlach mayors will say something about the new crime of the EPO

They are not the first either. It will not be logical and the last ones that a mysterious force brought them to the point of pretending to be the trained players of football. This vulgar electoral system in the EPO is the reason that all the years gather in its ranks, from irrelevant to “tools” and at least a few normal ones. Because they go for a record. The Federation was on the verge (if it did not exceed it) of the financial “crash”. This should be added to amateur teams. And as for the National? There words are useless. They dissolved it. In what they seem. But also to those that are not visible. And they dissolved it either because they could, or because they are not able to understand even the basics. So that I do not tire you, my reader? Listen, you who will sit at night to watch our representative band against the intergalactic team of Moldova. Listen, and put aside the red, yellow and black beans. Listen and freak out about who gets 10 thousand a month to run football. right to feel confident that in the next draw for the World Cup (2022) we will be in the third capacity group. We lost this privilege from ’18 onwards with Anastasiadis losing to everyone who is bitter. So if there is one serious goal in this Nations League that is in progress, it is to defend this third group. To be the first to come out in our group, so that at least the window of any chances for the World Cup that Van Sip says that he is our big goal is not closed from now on. Until the previous stop we had the first word in this case. And to keep it that October and November we just had to defend it. Against Kosovo, Moldova, Slovenia and any friendly they would enter the equation (Austria and Cyprus). The points in friendlies are not the same: the stronger the opponent, the more you get. Even what you will do in friendlies (with whom and how you will play) requires a plan. That is, what does not exist in the case of our National Team. So we managed to lose the friendly with Austria, although we were ahead with Fortounis. We managed not to beat Kosovo in OAKA, when this victory would probably be enough to keep us in the third group. And since the Vlach mayors understood what was going to happen, they organized this friendly with Cyprus so that a victory would give us something more. In this race for the third group, however, we have opponents, the Finns, who also gave a friendly in the middle of the week. With France. Wherever they prevailed. So they got 7.9 points, while we got 3.2 from the victory with Cyprus. Result? Not only did they overtake us (they had reached us after the 0-0 with Kosovo in OAKA), but now they control the situation 100%. And to win Moldova and Slovenia, and to be first in our group, we can be in the 4th group of capacity in the draw for the World Cup. Two years ago, the same Vlach mayors who represent the actors in the EPO forced us to see the same project. Again in Nations League. Skibe was eaten up after a 2-0 defeat in Finland, which meant that we automatically lost the first place of the group. We then had to defend the 2nd in the two upcoming matches. In the first of the Angel. We got the first with Finland which was no longer indifferent, but we lost to OAKA from Estonia because Anastasiadis had no idea what 2nd place means and made 9 changes in the 11th team. If we had a draw that night? We would enter the playoffs for Euro 2021. The second place we lost was taken by the Hungarians. The same ones who a few days ago won a ticket to participate in the Euro through the draws. If someone had been found to tell Anastasiadis what that match with Estonia means. If we had gotten a draw from those in OAKA now logically we would be in the Euro. We are not because the ρα daravertzides have their minds on Giannakis! Yes, they did not. They have it. Because once you say it happened. Second you raise your hands high. To pray for them. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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