The virtual reality of VAR and the mars penalty in El Arabi that Diamantopoulos did not see

So to make a fundraiser: In the premiere of AEK in the championship (2nd game), in that match in Agrinio, a clear penalty was not given to Panetolikos. Insua caught the ball with his hands celebrating the operation of Tsintonas (in the previous penalty that was correctly given to the Agriniotes). The VAR made the… duck. And the great Mark Clattenberg told us that the end of the penalties for the Argentine’s offense was not properly attributed. Sometimes he says we should not only look at the letter of the law, but also the spirit. So AEK, which at that point of the match (75 ΄) was leading 1-0, scored a second goal in the final with Mandalos (87 ΄) and left Agrinio with a three-pointer. If the regulation had been implemented, it would probably only fit the degree of the tie in its luggage. Two games later, PAOK hosted OFI. The score is 1-0 there too. OFI is not given a clear penalty either. The phase is “mars” with Matos catching Sardineros with a “handle”. The VAR does not see anything. The match continues and Dikefalos with two goals in the delays by Sfinderski hides well under the mat (3-0) the doubt about what would have happened if the famous video-room had done its job. In other words, the three points could have become one here as well. Same game 4th and the famous match in Zosimades between PAS and Olympiakos. The Red and Whites score a clear goal in the 90΄ + 1΄ with Hassan. The operators of the video technology, however, are trying to make the whole of Greece “blind”. The goal is canceled. The three points of Olympiacos become one. And Clattenberg, with an 8-day delay in one of his well-known videos, confirms everything that everyone has now understood. How in the VAR the right hands are miraculous. Those who choose the “plans” for the respective phase to be examined. Those that “mark” a specific. Those who draw the lines, etc. Tonight in Ioannina, AEK played its. Year, for those who understand even the basics of football. Boiler boiling from successive negative results. In the 15th minute, a cross is made in the area of ​​PAS. Hnid catches a header to score in American football. It could not be more misguided. Houtesiotis makes his exit, the ball is gone for the highway. And VAR says penalty !!!! Khnid would be ashamed to give such an offense. The VAR was not ashamed. Penalty even in the spirit of the regulation. Not even in the letter of the regulation. Not even in the imagination that is always needed to perceive… power. Diamantopoulos referee. Let me remind you. Referee at Xanthi-Olympiacos last year. El Arabi is knocked down in the air by the goalkeeper of Xanthi, Abad. And then we had VAR. The little room, however, did not point out anything. Not even the referee himself who went on screen tonight and agreed with the VAR. And to be fair: It was a penalty then. Now nothing happened. Olympiacos last year with Xanthi remained at 0-0. So he probably lost two points. As he lost two more this year in Ioannina. AEK in Agrinio and PAS from the VAR got four. PAOK with OFI got two. In other words, tonight the score could say: Olympiakos 12 in four matches. PAOK 7 points in five matches. And AEK 6 points in five matches. On the contrary it says: Olympiakos 10 in four matches. AEK 10 in five matches. And PAOK 9 in five matches. Anyone who understands the differences should tell them to Clattenberg as well. Let him know what he will tell us tomorrow-the day after tomorrow. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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