The VAR showed … AEK (0-1), what will Clattenberg show?

It was clear that AEK had to go through Zosimades and beat PAS Giannina… Because the Union needed a positive result after the “undressing” by Braga in the premiere of the Europa League groups and the quarrel between Livagia and Carrera, the which did not end despite the words to the contrary. Because the “double” was necessary, the VAR showed… AEK and it defeated 1-0 PAS Giannina, who tried but saw two of his goals being canceled as offside. Massimo Carrera changed a lot in relation to the match against Braga with the most basic layout. Since AEK lined up in the match with Ioannina with 4-2-3-1 and Livagia, however, back on the bench. In 10 ‘the Yellow-Blacks will lose an incredible opportunity to score. After Lopez turns from the left, the ball will be passed to Macheiras who will have an empty goal in front of him, after Houtesiotis had been neutralized, but his place was chased on the line by Prisman! VAR. Hnid got a header, the PAS goalkeeper fell on him and the referee, after consulting his associates, pointed out a violation. Ansarifard did not make a mistake in the execution, making it 0-1! The Union had entered the match very strongly and did not slow down after the goal. In the 23rd minute, it became threatening again, but Mandalos’ shot was blocked by Houtesiotis. However, PAS will find a goal, against the flow of the match, with a header by Pamlidis in the 34th minute. The phase was examined by the VAR, however, and the home player was in an offside position, with the result that the goal did not count. In 39 ‘AEK will reach a breath from a second goal. Lopez will enter the area from the left, he will cross in the heart of the area, Ansarifard will catch the head but the ball will go next to the crossbar. The second half will start with PAS wasting a unique opportunity to score. After a foul, Eramuspe will catch the head, the ball will find the crossbar and then in the arms of Tsintotas. In the 51st minute, Ioannina will equalize with Eleftheriadis, but even this goal will not count, as the home player was exposed! In the 56th minute, Carrera will make his first move from the bench, throwing Livagia in the match instead of Tankovic. While a little later he will throw Oliveira on the field instead of Ansarifard. In 71 ‘the Union will become threatening again, but Livia’s head was neutralized by Houtesiotis. PAS will “answer” for three minutes with an effort by Pamlidis that did not find a target. In the 80th minute, Oliveira will face Houtesiotis, but he will place very badly, wasting a unique opportunity to score. From that point on, the Yellow-Blacks threw the weight mainly on their suspension function and on how they will maintain their lead. The rhythm of the match went where the whole of Massimo Carrera wanted, reaching a very important victory. Since the 0-1 remained until the final whistle. PAS Giannina (A. Giannikis, 4-4-2): Houtesiotis, Saliakas, Kargas, Eramouspe, Pirsman, Kartalis (65 ‘Dominguez), Castro, Siontis (61’ Naoumets), Eleftheriadis (86 ‘Lolis), Leo, Pamlidis AEK (M. Carrera, 4-2-3-1): Tsintotas, Paulinio, Nedelcearou, Hnid, Lopez, Kristisic, Sakhof, Macheiras (70’ Insua), Tankovic (56 ‘Livagia), Ansarifard (70’ Oliveira) The penalty requested by Pamlidis: The first canceled goal of PAS: The second canceled goal of the home team: Follow it on Google News and be the first to see all the news See all the news Greece and the World, at

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