The uncertain next day of the USA, after the overthrow of Donald Trump

The solemn crash in the US presidential election of the unprosecuted Donald Trump, let us hope, means the resumption of a large part of the US Electoral College, from the delusions and the trump card doctrine “I arbitrarily, I beat, I kill and I kill”. Manhattan skyscraper manufacturer from the White House has already been recorded in US history as the worst desecration of democratic ideals, for which bloodshed was shed, in the American Civil War (April 12, 1861 – May 13, 1865). was the only US president to draw on the positive aspects of United States politics. The twin father and son George W. Bush remind us a lot, with the neo-colonial grids, and the bloodbaths of the US Marines in Iraq. Together, of course, with their ethnologically first cousin, the British Tony Blair, who should also be held accountable for war crimes in this oil-rich country itself, but the target of destruction and unholy exploitation by modern neo-colonizers. crusaders “? Bad lies. Even under Democratic rule, leading figures such as the Kennedy family ousted by the US Conservative Mafia, and even under the equally popular Barack Obama, in almost every political era of the progressive Democratic front, do not. It was possible to prevent and erase the dark spots forever, such as: – The inferno of Guantanamo, in the heart of Cuba. – The official parastate of the open arms trade, for all citizens in many US states. With the horrific aftermath of the daily killings, the victims are often primary and secondary school juveniles. – The local racist police lobbyist, who unnecessarily abuses and cold-bloodedly kills “equals” in the American-speaking world. or other non-US citizens. – The leveling of the Health System, as confirmed by the current ineffective dramatic spread of Covid-19 in the US. – The more than 500,000 homeless people (ΒΌ of all children) living under conditions of persecuted refugees in the USA. Of course, according to official statistics, in the states of Florida, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey and Michigan, there is the most significant decrease in homelessness. – Non-compliance with international protocols to drastically reduce ecological disaster, from uninterrupted use of non-renewable energy sources (hydrocarbons, etc.). Guantanamo Bay holds 40 ISIS jihadists guarded by 1,800 US troops, or 45 soldiers per detainee. The total annual cost of operating the prisons is $ 540 million. That is, the annual cost of detention for each prisoner is $ 13 million! – Or with the tacit tolerance of the US Pentagon, the transformation of NATO, from a North Atlantic Defense Pact, sometimes into a conquering expeditionary force, in faraway Central Asia In the face of these above-mentioned violations, and in particular in fundamental rules of democratic governance, it would be ethically inadmissible not to exaggerate US advances in science and technology, but also in science and technology. in the multicultural system that applies to the mosaic of ethnicities in American society. This traditionally important system has been brutally tested by the eerie behavior of Donald Trump. At the same time, the press and other media have always played a dominant and pro-democracy role in the United States, with top examples of non-aligned and pro-democracy groups. (June 1972) and the cessation of broadcasting of Trump’s insult’s channel against his opponents’ policies just 24 hours ago. An exemplary man of moderation, impatience, equity and equality, the progressive center-right politician Joe is called upon to implement the priorities for: – Tackling the coronavirus and climate change. – The elimination of systemic racism. – Economic stability and development. – Equality and equality between citizens, regardless of race or religion. and the other “New World” The US was the first recipient of the most numerous migratory flows. With the arms, but also the minds of immigrants, the so-called “American miracle” was founded, which evolved into a pole of attraction for a usually deceptive “American dream”. continuous and just Democracy, because the black spots, which we have already mentioned at the beginning of this note, have become entrenched in American society. These are exactly the spots that the fairly new US President must eliminate without retreat. Unlike dangerous relapses, the US will return to the already begun descent of multiple decline. Thus, the original vision of the “New World” will be dissolved with the first migratory currents. Fortunately, this should not be forgotten by those who have a historical memory and with their knowledge have established a historical consciousness, fortunately, in the wider “New World” are two exemplary countries and a continent with few negative spots. Possession and use of firearms is very common in young people in the United States. Many of these young gunmen are spreading death to high school students. We are talking directly about Canada, New Zealand and Australia, which have absorbed equally large migratory flows. Canada is a breath away from the US in its southern hemisphere. Australia and New Zealand, although several thousand miles from the United States in the Pacific, have nothing to envy of the American political system. The end of the crazy “planetary rulers”. World “with international development and cultural radiation did not and do not occupy our planet with disturbances and illegal interventions. Nor did they show the slightest disposition for hegemonic roles with violent and inhuman means. They are models of democratic institutions and peaceful coexistence with the other world. They are countries of welfare and law and in crucial votes in the UN and other Organizations, they are in favor of the wronged and usually vote against the wrongdoers. Readers of this text will wonder why I contrast from Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Simply because, as the saying goes, “the paint is gone”, that is, the authoritarian clew of a series of American presidents who are apparently super-conservative and imperialist, who have afflicted and are afflicting humanity, sometimes with bloody and destructive invasions and sometimes with catastrophic destruction. And all this in the name of an insane cosmopolitanism. All this paranoia is concentrated in the name of the arrogant candidate cosmopolitan empires, as “planetariums”! In short: , must disappear once and for all. Because it is a sample of incurable volunteerism, indignity but also of low and inadequate political education. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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